Have You Ever Gone on Vacation– Without Your Family? #traveltuesday

by Carrie with Children with 9 comments

My husband left this morning for his annual ‘boys only’ snowboarding vacation with his friends. He’s gone every year for as long as I can remember – last year, he even came home with staples and stitches in his leg. (Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.)

People think I’m crazy to let my husband go off on a five-day vacation without his family, but honestly – I’m okay with it. Sure, I’d like to go too – I’ve never been skiing, but this is ‘his’ trip. We all deserve some time away from the everyday rush and he loves snowboarding. It’s a time for him to hang out with his buddies.

Each year, he comes back from his ‘boys only’ trip rejuvenated and relaxed and that makes me happy. And you should see the look on the girls’ faces when Daddy comes home – it makes me cry every time.

Father's Day 2013 WaterMarked
So, that leaves me wondering – when is my solo vacation? At the tops of my 2014 ‘to-do’ list? I’m dreaming of a solo vacation to Walt Disney World.  I can stay out until the parks close, I can eat at the restaurants I’ve always dreamed about (I’m looking at you, California Grill during the fireworks) and I can relax and soak up the magic that is Walt Disney World.

Sure, we go a lot as a family, but I’ve dreamed of going alone and slowing down. No need to rush and figure out what ride to do first, the best time to meet TinkerBell, etc – just time for me.. at my own pace. I can sit on Main Street U.S.A. all day and indulge in a Starbucks drink and a rice krispie treats snack.

Donald and Carrie Birthday
So there you have it – my 2014 travel wish is a solo vacation. It sounds a little scary to think about eating at a restaurant by myself, but I think it would be nice to let someone else pamper me with good food… and let them do the dishes! I’ll keep you posted as I plan my trip.

Have you ever gone on vacation without your family?


  • Karen - DCR

    I think you should switch that to Disneyland! 🙂

  • Ashley

    YES! I think girl’s trips or solo trips are essential to keep everyone refreshed and happy. I keep trying to convince my husband that he needs to take one this year. Maybe I’ll just book it for him, lol.

    • Carrie with Children

      Ha – yes, you should just book it for him! Then, he’ll realize the importantanc of those trips!

  • Emily

    My hubs considers my blog stuff vacations. Maybe one day I’d love to do a spa trip to Napa with my girls, but I think I have to wait until we are done having babies first.

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh a spa trip to Napa sounds amazing! I hope you get there one day! xo

  • Amy @ Oh So Savvy Mom

    I went on a cruise once with my siblings. That was 5 years ago…
    Other than that, no, I prefer to travel with my family, or at least my husband. I’ve made a lot of solo memories already. Now I want to make memories that I can share with my husband.

  • Ashley

    I turn work trips into “solo” vacations whenever possible.

  • Cassie

    Up until last year Dave would take a guys fishing trip. It was awesome for him to getaway and do what he likes. I have been blessed to be able to take some mini trips by myself and they are great. As a matter of fact I am going on one Thursday. =)