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What I Saw This Weekend: 4th of July Recap!

Sadly, this year’s 4th of July did not include fireworks. However, I couldn’t help but laugh when I ran across…

Maggie Two Teeth Missing

Maggie and the Missing Teeth

The tooth fairy has had a busy few weeks at our house. A few weeks ago, Maggie lost her first…

First Day of School Small Version

Onward, Upward… and Hooray for Summer!

I’ve been dreading this day for years. Today, my girls ‘graduated’ from preschool – the only school they’ve ever known…

Grumpy Cat Profile Watermarked

I Met Grumpy Cat Once… It Was Awful. (Not Really!) #grumpycat

Last week, while I was at Walt Disney World’s summer media preview event, I ran into the most amazing ‘celebrity’….

Maggies First Trophy

What I Saw This Weekend: Maggie’s First Trophy

When I was seven years old, I won my first trophy at a dance competition. My parents were just as…

Wedding Anniversary Seven Years

Seven Years Ago…

Seven years ago today, I married an amazing man that put up with my crazy ideas, my spur of the…

Cummer Gardens Watermarked

The Perfect Place To Be a Butterfly

“Mom, this is the perfect place for me to be a butterfly.” And just like that, Maggie took off into…

Frozen TypeAWDW Watermarked

What I Saw This Weekend: Disney and Type-A Conference! #TypeAWDW

I know it’s already Tuesday and no longer the weekend, but I’m playing catch up here….. This past weekend I…

Foodie Southern Food

My Favorite 13 Southern Sunday Dinner Dishes

** This is a a sponsored opportunity with However, thoughts and opinions are my own. And I really do love…

Maggie's First Soccer Game Waving Two

What I Saw This Weekend: Maggie’s First Soccer Game!

We’ve been practicing for a few weeks now, but due to weather and scheduling Maggie’s soccer games kept getting postponed….