Moving On Up: Bassinet to the Crib!

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I’ve really been dreading moving three-month old Molly from the bassinet next to our bed, to the crib in her room down the hall.  I’m not really sure why it bothered me so much, especially since we made the transition with her older sister Maggie when she was only six weeks old and had no problems.  Was I making it difficult on myself because I know she’s my last baby and I won’t get to experience sharing my room with a newborn anymore?

This past Thursday night, she finally made the big move down the hall.  I was so worried that she wouldn’t sleep well and that she’d wake up scared about being in a new place. Would she know we weren’t in the room with her?!  I stayed awake until 2am that night, waiting and listening for the crying to start but it never happened. I guess she was glad to be out of our room, she didn’t have to hear Daddy snoring all night. She didn’t even miss us. 

 Molly napping in her big girl crib. Looks pretty comfortable to me.

As soon as I woke up Friday morning, I raced down the hall to check on her and  she was still in the same spot I had left her the night before. I was so excited for her – such a great hurdle to overcome and she made it! It’s the little things in life that really get this mom excited.  

How did you cope with the transition of moving your baby into their own room?  Or was there no “big move”?  It’s only been a few days since the move and I already miss hearing the baby snorts.  Now, if I could just get Daddy to quit snoring – I could really get some sleep!

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  • Julie

    Can you ask Miss Molly what her secret is for sleeping so soundly?? She always looks so comfortable!