Down Syndrome Awareness Month – The Story of Our Daughter Molly

by Carrie with Children with 129 comments

Did you know that October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month? There are over 400,000 living with Down syndrome in the United States.  Down syndrome occurs when an individual has three, rather than two, copies of the 21st chromosome. This additional genetic material alters the course of development and causes the characteristics associated with Down syndrome. It wasn’t until June 24, 2010 that I really learned about Down syndrome.  It was the day after my Molly was born.

The morning after Molly arrived, her doctor came to us and let us know there were some red flags that she may have Down syndrome.  The doctor suggested that the only way to know for sure would be to have some genetic tests done and that it would take up to two weeks to get the results. In the meantime, we secured appointments with a pediatric cardiologist for more tests and a pediatric genetics clinic.  Many children with Down syndrome have heart defects, however the EKG and other tests showed no abnormalities with Molly‘s heart.  Two weeks after she was born, we received confirmation that she did in fact have Down syndrome. This came as a complete shock to us, as there is no family history and my pre-natal tests showed that there was a very low risk of any problems.  Research shows that a healthy 31-year old mother has a 1 in 900 chance of having a child with Down syndrome… and I was chosen as “the one”.

Leaving the Hospital

Molly has had her share of doctor’s appointments the past three months (with many more to come) and she is already showing signs that she is a tough girl. Many babies with Down syndrome have a tough time eating and sleeping and she has shown no signs of any troubles.  In fact, she eats and sleeps a little too well. Doctors have pointed out abnormalities to us and explained the steps we need to take in order for her to receive the best therapy possible. They’ve stressed to us that we raise her as a typical child, just as we have raised her older sister Maggie.  We’ve buried ourselves in research trying to learn everything that we can to ensure that Molly is getting the best help available.  I’ve contacted the Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville and they have been a great resource for us already in just this short time.  We are also working with Hope Haven Children’s Clinic and Family Center, who is providing Molly with some fantastic therapies.  As a family, we are learning new things about the disorder every day.  One of the most important things we have learned is that people diagnosed with Down syndrome go on to lead extremely rewarding lives. We are determined to make sure that Molly does too.

Now that I’ve shared the big news – a few ground rules, if you don’t mind.  First off, please know that we are okay and the worst thing you can do is tell us that you are sorry.  We are not sorry.  We’ve been dealt our hand and while it is tough to grasp at times, we are okay.  Things may be a bit of a challenge for us from now on, but we are ready to raise our girls in the best environment possible and with every resource available to us.

October 2010

While everyone deals with news of this manner differently, please know that I’ve found it VERY helpful to talk about it.  I may cry a little, but please don’t shy away from contacting me.  I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned so far, if you have questions. If you’d like to research on your own, I encourage you to visit the National Down Syndrome Society’s website.  I also encourage you to check out this website too. It helped us in learning how to share the news and to prepare Molly’s birth announcement.

And as I promised last week….here is her birth announcement (Yes, I removed our last name…safety first, people. This is the internet we are talking about here.)  We are very proud of it (and Molly!) Isn’t she a cutie?!

Do you have a personal connection with Down syndrome? I’d love for you to share it with me.


  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on the birth of your second beautiful daughter, Molly!

    Pam Rodgers King

  • Jamie

    Thank you for sharing this story! I have worked with adults with Down Syndrome and can tell you they are amazing citizens! 🙂 We could all learn a life lesson through them!

    My best friend from high school had a little baby boy (first born) 4 years ago and found out after birth that he had DS. The tests she took before he was born (because there is DS in her family) were negative. He is the cutest little boy and he has started pre-school this year! She then had a little girl and her tests for DS were positive – However, she doesn't have DS! You should see those 2 together! He is the best big brother, but still gets jealous if you are holding her and not loving on him! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your story about Molly – She is so precious! I know that God has blessed you and your family with this beautiful little girl!

  • Nicole T

    Love this post! I can't wait to see little Molly grow up into a beautiful and talent young women! God only gives families what they can handle and Molly is more of a blessing than you will ever know. And for big sis Maggie, like me, Molly will bring such joy and education! As you know my brother AJ, who has Down Syndrome, is 22 years old and attending a special program on a college campus. Love it and thriving with it. He is learning lots and so are the studnets who surround him. Just imagine all the possibilies in the next 22 years!

  • Anonymous

    Bravo.. great blog and very inspirational to anyone who reads it. You and Rob are great parents and Molly is precious just as Maggie is as well.

    I have a very close friend who has a son with Downs Syndrome and yes, it is true children with Downs can lead a very productive life as this young man currently is. She has also related to me moments of sorrow.. but so many more moments of sweet, just as you explain above.

    I want to also say, you are an inspirational person, not just because of Molly, but your attitude is inspirational. Bravo for using this blog to find your voice about what you and Rob are experiencing. We never know what life will hand us.. but as Robert Frost once said, "Two Roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." I love it when you said, "Things may be a bit of a challenge for us from now on, but we are ready to raise our girls in the best environment possible and with every resource available to us." Yes-yes-yes… awesome and powerful statement! Courage and purpose are all we need in life…no matter what road we are on.

    Nicole Hill

  • Carrie with Children

    Thanks to each of you. Today has been such a great day, I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders by sharing our story. Your encouraging words has made all the difference. 🙂

  • Beth

    How cute is she!!! So glad you found me on twitter! looking forward to watching her grow!


  • Karen Kurycki

    oooooohhhhh I love her so much and I love this picture so much. She is wonderful, and so are you as a mom.

  • Carrie with Children

    Thanks Beth! I look forward to sharing stories and following along with you as your little grows up too! 🙂

    Karen – You rock! Molly Moo (and me) love you too!

  • cambrownjax

    Carrie –

    Love, love, love your ground rules. Bravo. Also, how right you are that you were chosen to be her parents. Look forward to reading more.

  • The Future Mrs. Turner

    I love that you shared this! =) My only uncle (who's in his 40s) has Downs and he is such an amazing person. God has blessed a beautiful baby to two wonderful parents, one who I love dearly!

  • Patrick S

    As a father to be, this made me cry sitting on my couch on a Sunday afternoon. I cannot think of a better mother for Molly to have as she begins on her journey of the life you have blessed her with. Your blog is already in my favorites and I expect updates frequently.

  • Katt

    Thank you for sharing this. Molly is lucky to have such great parents like you. She is a beauty.

  • Pam W

    Congratulations Maggie, Carrie and Rob on the beautiful new addition to your family, Molly Elizabeth. I look forward to reading your adventures as she grows up. She is so lucky to have a wonderful big sister who can teach her how to delight mom and dad even more.

  • Patty "Wilson" P

    What a sweet girl Molly is! Carrie you are truly blessed with such great love and calmness and radiant strength.

    Nineteen years ago my girlfriend and I were both pregnant at the same time with boys; both us so excited for the birth of our sons. Her boy was born with Downs, they were so overjoyed, every child is a gift, and he and my son have been close friends since their birth.

    I found this blog on twitter and I agree we should do more to spread awareness about Down Syn. Month. If there is anything I can do to help let me know.

    God bless you

  • Jessica

    What a beautiful baby and I love her name! Children are such blessings! Sounds like Molly has a wonderful family, she's one lucky girl!

  • Kathryn

    Thanks so much for sharing this! You are amazing, and so is your sweet Molly. God bless you!

  • Krista

    Hi Carrie, great story and welcome to the family.
    Did you know that Molly had DS when she was born or did the doctors bring it up first?

  • Carrie with Children

    Hi Krista! Thanks for the welcome, I love your site. The doctors told us the day after Molly was born that she possibly had DS, but we didn't have a definite answer until the test came back two weeks later.

  • Renee Ann

    She's beautiful! I tutor an autistic young man and have never considered him handicapped. He's an amazing artist and has a great sense of humor. I learn so much from the way he sees life. I can tell this little one will have much to share in the world also! Blessings! (I'm visiting from The Girl Next Door contest.)

  • Creative Flair

    Congratulations on the birth of you new baby girl.
    My cousin who was also in the early 30's also had a little girl born with Down Syndrome. I am sure your daughter is also very special blessing and will knock your socks off every time she smiles, which fortunately, she will do a lot.

    Visiting from Girl next door.

  • The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    Wow! What a wonderful family all of you are. I love your outlook and of course Molly will grow up having a fantastic life – because she has YOU!

  • tiff snedaker

    Love the story, and I love your attitude. I wouldn't tell you that I'm sorry. I'd tell you that you are a great mom and she is a beautiful little girl. You are smart to research it, but to also have a positive attitude. (And welcome to momdot. 🙂 )

  • Anonymous


    I have a beautiful daughter named Molly who will turn 6 next month, and she just happens to have Down Syndrome too! My husband was stationed at Mayport when she was born, and we didn't know her diagnosis until birth as well. Your birth announcement is wonderfully worded – brought back lots of memories of telling our family and friends the news. We had a wonderful pediatrician who set Molly up with speech and OT therapies when she was 2 months old. Our Molly's have a lot in common – she has always been a great eater and sleeper too! We LOVE Hope Haven and the Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville. Such great organizations! My husbands career is bringing us back to Jacksonville for 6 months of training this coming year, and I am looking forward to reuniting with many people who got us off to a great start with our daughter. Molly is in Kindergarten and doing beautifully. It would be nice to meet you and your Molly (and Maggie too) when we get back to Jax. My email is
    Have a great day!

  • Anonymous

    How lucky Molly is that she has joined your family!

  • Jen Currier

    I loved reading your story! What a wonderful birth announcement you sent! I'm sort of glad that I am such a blabber mouth that everyone knew before Elijah was even born and I didn't have to be so clever in an announcement… 🙂

  • Kara

    I just landed here from today's post – I had no idea Molly had Down Syndrome! I, too, love your birth announcement and I'm glad she had a great first in-person therapy session at what sounds like an AWESOME facility!

    Will read your blog more often – now that I follow it on Twitter.


  • Allyson & Jere

    I saw your comment on SITS today about show us your Christmas tree. didn't see anything about trees, but noticed your daughters name is Maggie. Since that is my daughters name I got intrigued and poked around til I found your "family". Then I had to click on Molly's story.

    My Uncle has Downs and he's 46. He is my FAVORITE! I absolutely love him and all people with downs. I feel it a privelage that I got to grow up with him. It taught me to appreciate these special, WONDERFUL people for who they are and what they have to offer.

    Your daughter is beautiful, and she is truly blessed to have come into your family. You clearly are extremely loving and caring parents.

    Much has changed since my Uncle was born. My Grandparents were told to just put him into an institution and leave him there. They couldn't do that, so they brought him home and raised him the best that they could. They allowed him to absolutely RUN the house, because they didn't realize they could and SHOULD discipline and raise him just like any other child. There were certainly difficulties, but he still brought so much joy to all he came in contact with.

    Your daughter has so much more to look forward too, not only because you're so clearly loving, but because the world has grown to understand so much more.

    Good luck with Molly and in helping her become all she can be.

  • Lorie Shewbridge

    Carrie, I am reading this post for the first time as part of your year end review and I have to say that I knew you were a remarkable woman and mom, but now I know you are also an angel.
    There is a reason God chose you and Rob to be Molly's parents… and you are all going to be SO blessed for it. You made my heart swell with love and warmth for you all. I have an older cousin (I'm 45 now) with Down's Syndrom, who I remember as a child as the sweetest, most loving girl I knew. I loved going to the Special Olympics with her just so I could cheer her on and then be there at the finish line and hug her at the end. She is still now a vital member of society, and someone I love very deeply. Thank you so much for sharing your story and I look forward to seeing all that Molly AND Maggie can accomplish.
    BTW, I adore the birth announcement!

  • Shannon

    Saw your Great Story on NDSS news letter. My daughter was born this past August. We knew her DS diagnosis at 16 weeks gestation and so I had plenty of time to grieve and prepare for our new life before I held her in my arms. I had many people say they were sorry, and even a few (including doctors) recommend or hint towards terminating. I can't imagine my life with out my Fiona. Molly is adorable and so blessed to be relatively healthy. We are starting the new year with Fiona having a major heart surgery this friday at just 5 months of age. Thank you for being a positive advocate of Down Syndrome and sharing your story

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful little girl, we too have just become acquainted with Downs Syndrome, our beautiful grandson who will be 2 in a few days was born with Downs. While I feel bad for all the things these kids will have to deal with as they grow up, both from society and through medical issues, I know that we would not trade our grandbaby for anything in the world. My daughter is a super mom who works with him every day.. he is learning to sign at a rapid pace…..we love him now and forever.

  • Anonymous

    I felt like I was reading "our story". Although we had a baby boy, Noah. The similarities were scary as I read your story. We even sent a letter to our families enclosing a picture of our little guy basically saying the same things you did! Our little man will be 5 in March and has given us a lot of joy. He has an older sister who is 7 and she is his best therapist showing him the good AND bad!!

    Thanks for sharing your story!


  • Anonymous

    Love reading your post on NDSS, your daughter is an angel!
    My son too has DS and its like a roller coaster of emotions and daily routines raising him!!
    But I love every minute as I know you do!
    The best advice to give is expose them to anything and everything positive in life: people,places, all kinds of activities. Roll with the punches and stay positive 🙂

  • Andrew

    Thank you, Carrie, for so beautifully putting into words what many of us feel. We didn't know until after my daughter was born that she had DS, but like you said, we're not sorry; we've been blessed. 🙂 She is such a bundle of joy, and we look forward with anticipation and appreciation for each and every achievement that she makes in her development.


    I am the mother of four beautiful children Arikka 11. , Desi 8 (she has down syndrome as well) and Emmalee and Eugene 7 mos twins. I am soo glad you shared your story it brought back a lot of memories of Desi. she is a beautiful loving and outgoing little lady. She loves her baby brother and sister with all her heart and they think she is the best and funniest thing alive. It will be a long road ahead and many happy tears will be shed but believe me I would not change it for the world. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not proud of her and her accomplishments.

  • Julie

    I just opened my monthly news letter (NDSS) and clicked away and found your post. Everything you wrote was familiar and touched me. You have a great outlook about having a child with Down Syndrome. Molly is so cute in her announcement. I also have a daughter with Down Syndrome name Leann. She is now 2 1/2 and it has gone so fast. She is my third charm. I also have two older children Mollie and Luke. Leann adores her brother and sister. I have to say they have a huge impact on her to be just like them. We have been blessed that the doctor visits have finally slowed down. No more cardiologist was the big one!! As you wrote, we go about life like any one else. We don’t let an extra chromosome get in the way.
    Congratulations on your new addition.

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Julie – Thanks for sharing your story! I really appreciate you stopping
      by my site!

      • Rodina

        Greetings I am so happy I found your blog page, I really found you by error, while I was rhcsareeing on Yahoo for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say cheers for a remarkable post and a all round interesting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to browse it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the superb job.

  • Kristina

    I just read about your story in the January edition of the NDSS newsletter. I felt like it was my story I was reading, only that I had a son. We learned the same way you did about him and we too are not sorry. I wont deny that it was difficult to hear but it didn’t ruin our plans only changed our path in life. One we have come to live daily with all the same plans for him as any parent has for their children. We definitely encourage questions and suggestions but never any “sorry”. We told others the same thing, please congratulate us we have out first child and love him dearly. He is 5 now and very healthy and active. We also have a 3 yr old daughter and they play so great together. Thanks for the post. Kristina

  • NYCPatty

    Congratulations! Molly is gorgeous! I just came to your blog today from A Mommy in the City’s post! I look forward to reading stories about your girls.

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much for your nice words, Patty! We are so proud of Molly (and
      our silly Maggie too!) I’m glad you found me today!

  • Laura

    She is adorable! I have a Molly Elizabeth too:) She is all grown up though:(

  • Katrina@TheyAllCallMeMom

    Your daughter Molly is absolutely gorgeous! I am a 41 year old mother and I have nine children. My last two babies conceived did not make it past the 11th week mark due to miscarriage, and they say it’s because of my age. :::: sigh:::: I have also been “warned” that if I conceive a baby while in my 40’s there is a better than good chance that the baby will have Down syndrome. Well, they think that scares me…but they are wrong. Whenever I talk with or read about families who have a child with DS, I hear of all the joy that the child brings to the family, and how he or she has “changed” them all – for the better. I believe that ALL children are blessing. Especially those with that little extra “something” in their genetic make-up 🙂

    Have you read Kelle Hampton’s blog? If not, oh…I think you would really, really love reading it. She has two beautiful daughters, Lainey & Nella. Little Nella was born just about a year ago, and they learned at her birth that she had DS. The way Kelle documents her family’s love is truly amazing. Her blog can be found at this address: (this is her “if you are new start here” page, which will take you to Nella’s birth story. Bring a tissue!)

    Love your blog — I’m a new follower! Linked up with the blog hop:)

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Katrina! Thanks for following along and for your nice words about my Molly! We are so proud of her! You are so right when you say that ALL children are a blessing! 🙂

      I’m a faithful reader of Kelle Hampton’s site! She’s fabulous and that little Nella is too cute! 🙂

  • amber

    Your Molly is beautiful. I find you to be such an inspiration blogger mommy. Thanks for sharing. I just awarded you the versatile blogger award

    Stop by and check it out.

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much, Amber! That means a lot to me! 🙂

  • Michelle

    Congratulations on the addition to your family, Molly is absolutely beautiful!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much Michelle! We are so proud of our little Molly!

  • Sheri

    Once upon a time I spent a semester abroad for college volunteering at a hospital and orphanage in Romania. I mostly worked with children who had disabilities and I found that I really gravitated toward the kids who had down syndrome. They were just so sweet, pure, loving and positive. In fact, there was one boy in particular who I would have tried to adopt if Romanian law allowed it. While I was there I did as much research as I could to help these kids with their physical challenges and it was very rewarding. I learned as much as I could about DS and even since, whenever I pass by a child with DS on the street it makes my day. So, yes, of course there are plenty of challenges that come with raising a child who has DS, but, as I’m sure you’re already finding, there are so many joys as well!

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Sheri! That is such a great story! I appreciate you sharing it with me! You are so right – there are challenges but just as many joys too!

  • Gina B

    Hi Carrie! First of all, Mollie is beautiful!! There is NOTHING like the smile of a little one with Down syndrome. I’m a fellow blogger over at She Speaks, and I thought I’d say hello. My daughter was born on 1/12/03 with Mosaic Down syndrome (basically same thing), and it has been an absolute pleasure to raise her – even now in her Terrible Tweens (that’s a thing, right?) She’s high functioning and is fully included in her school. We, too, did not get her diagnosis until after her birth, and I battled depression for a long 8 months before I woke up one more realizing that every day I entered her room, she’d smile, clap, or jump (much as she could) just to see me. She has been SUCH a blessing to this family, a happy helper, a fearless tomboy, a girly girl, and a great friend to nearly everyone she meets. Oh, yea, and an AMAZING swimmer. I would not change a thing about Amelia, even if I could. We are blessed that her heart troubles, though we monitored them heavily, thus far have not caused us trouble. I’d love it if you visited my blog, I’m going to put you in my feed. peace out!

  • Natalie

    First of all, she is such a cute little girl! Her features are so pretty and delicate. She looks very happy too!

    What a graceful way to tell people about her having Down’s Syndrome. You seem like you’re very attentive, loving and logical parents. She is fortunate to have you as you are her!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks so much for your nice words, Natalie! We are so proud of our little Molly! She’s growing up so fast and really starting to show her personality – such a fun age!

  • Emily

    Hello! My name is Emily and I am the older sister of a little girl with Down syndrome! I just stumbled on your blog and its so wonderful! I love my little Sophie with all my heart, and I’m so glad that Molly has been blessed with such a caring and active family. Sophie is now ten years old and even though I am now away at college, she never ceases to brighten my life. Know that Maggie is so lucky to have a little sister like Molly, she will become an amazing person because of her and has so much to learn and experience! Best of luck 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Emily – Thank you so much for your sweet note! We are so proud of Molly, just as I know you are proud of your little sis, Sophie! I look forward to Maggie and Molly growing up together and learning from each other too.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • christine k

    What a fantastic entry. Thank you, and a very belated congratulations! 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much, Christine! We are so incredibly proud of our Molly! 🙂

  • Ursula

    Carrie – I stumbled across your website by accident tonight. I was researching DS in JAX and really enjoyed your story and your perspective. I want to share with you that I just lost my sister with DS at the age of 37. Take it from me – these kids are GIFTS and you have the right idea. We never treated her differently and she grew up to be more of a woman, in many ways, than I did. Do not underestimate Molly as she was gifted to you and your husband for a reason – enjoy every minute of it. Thank you for sharing – you warmed my heart.

  • perrineville

    You have hit the mark. In it something is also idea good, agree with you.

    P.S. What do you think about Windows 2012?

  • Tori

    I absolutely love the birth announcement. Such a good idea! When my 14 yr old son was born (also DS) I think introducing him and explaining to our family and friends at the same time was the hardest part. He was and is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, and I did not want sympathy. I’m sure it was equally as difficult for people on the other end of the introduction. Love your blog, and your daughter is absolutely adorable! xo

  • Carly Ross

    Hello 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I couldn’t have expressed how I’ve been feeling any better than you just did. We found out that out son Bennett (now 5 weeks old) has DS the day he was born, and from that moment we found out my husband and I have just had the attitude that this little boy is just as wonderful and special as if he were a typical baby. It’s frustrating to see the looks of “sorry” on our friends an family’s faces beause we aren’t sorry. I just wanted to say thank you because even though I just came across your blog randomly, it was refreshing to read someone’s words that so perfectly express how I’m feeling. Best wishes to you and your family. – Carly R.

  • Wiregrass Parenting

    Cute baby.. I have a cousin with down syndrome and I tell you she is so cute and very smart!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks so much for reading! We couldn’t be more proud of our little Molly!

  • Tracy

    Good morning, we are expecting a son in 10 weeks and found out through an amnio that he will have DS. It’s so reassuring to hear others stories and see pictures of their little ones with DS. We don’t know what the future holds for us by we’re ready to embrace this little one. Thanks for allowing people to hear your story!

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Tracy – I’m so glad you enjoyed our story. Congratulations on your new arrival – he will be a true blessing in your life. Please feel free to email me anytime if you need to chat or have questions. I have been there, done that… and it’s scary at times, but so incredibly rewarding too. Hugs to you!

  • Michele

    Hi Carrie, I stumbled upon your website looking for the bang bang shrimp recipe but I couldn’t help but read your post about your beautiful daughter Molly. Babies are gifts from God and God trusted you to take care of his little angel. Thank you for educating us on how the parents of children with Down syndrome feel and for others not to feel sorry because they feel fortunate for a new addition just like anyone else. God bless your family and thanks for the recipe.

  • Debbie

    I believe God sends his strongest soldiers into his toughest battles. I am blessed with a 14 year old son (youngest of 3 boys) who has Down Syndrome. He is the light and love of our life and family. My little guy is severe and profound, not a mainstreamer. This morning my cousin called to say his son and daughter in law had their baby. It was a girl and she has Downs Syndrome. He went on to say the kids were “devastated”. That hurt my heart a bit but I totally understand. Do all of the Moms and Grandparents on this site realize that one day we will see very few of these special people. We as a society have no need for imperfection and have developed pre-natal testing that will allow Moms to find out if their fetus has Downs early enough to terminate. In about 25 years, we may not have any of these special people in the world. Now that would be devastating!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks so much for your note, Debbie. I always love hearing from other mamas! I’m so proud to be the mama of Miss Molly – she brings great joy to my life

      • Carole

        Hi your story of the joy you have found touched my heart. I have a son with DS and he is 45 years old. He was our first child and we were very frighteed back then because we knew little about DS.
        Many people (doctors as well) told us to send him away but we would not listen. Eddie has grown up to be the light of our lives! He has two sisters now married and he is an uncle and God Father too.
        He too has many health problems and at times it is frustrating but he has a great sense of humor and knows only love. I wish you and molly the life of love we have shared and look forward to hearing more about Mollys life.

      • Julie

        Hi Carrie, I saw your website when my husband was telling me that Albert Pujols has a daughter with DS . I would like to share with you that my son Eric who is 26 was born with downs. It was very heartbreaking at first because I was 24 years old and he was our first child, I had no idea all tests were normal. We also have 2 other children. Just wanted to say that I wouldn’t change anything about Eric and he is such a joy although very stubborn.we are blessed to have him in our life’s . Julie 🙂

  • anonymous

    Wow, you and your husband have it all together! My daughter was “special”, too – not Down’s, but some sort of developmental delay that the doctors couldn’t put a name to. One doctor said she was autistic, another diagnosed cerebral palsy…it was some kind of brain damage apparently. I had a perfect pregnancy and labor & delivery, and she seemed fine at birth – Apgars were 8 and 8. But as the months went by, she didn’t look at us, was very tactiley defensive, had delayed primitive reflexes (moro, etc), and never hit the milestones on time. I worked with a girl who was pregnant along with me – she smoked weed all through her pregnancy, lived on potato chips and beer, didn’t have any prenatal care to speak of. I sat in the sun,exercised, had a natural drug-free delivery, took my vitamins, no drinking or drugs, and regular doctor visits. Why was her baby trying to climb out of the crib at 10 months, and mine couldn’t even turn over??????
    Anyway – PT, OT, Speech therapy – on and on and on. My husband’s reaction: “Well, YOU were her incubator for 9 months, it must have been something YOU did.” Shit. Because she was so tactiley defensive, she couldn’t bear to be held -I nursed that baby for 2 1/2 YEARS because it was the only skin to skin contact she would allow. There is much more to this story – long and boring, and whining – but all this just to say that you have a sweet family, and it’s so important to have a supportive husband. My daughter will be 34 years old in July, and the guilt that was laid on me is just as heavy now as it was on day one. I am convinced that I, as her “incubator” caused whatever it is that’s wrong with her. Never had the guts to have another child after that, either, for fear I’d “ruin” that one, too.

  • Debbie

    If you are a parent or relative or friend of a family with a child diagnosed Down’s Syndrome, please go to YOU TUBE and look up Adam Graduation.mp4 and ADAM BERNARD MITCHELL.mp4
    There you will see my beautiful child with Down’s Syndrome excluded from the rest of the graduating class, not allowed to sit with them, not allowed to take the stage with them. The chair alloted for him was empty and he was made to sit behind it. No photos of him on the overhead from baby to graduation like the other kids. SHAME ON THE CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS and the world for not treating these kids like the walking angels they are and for not CELELBRATING them rather than segregating them. Debbie FioRito-Mitchell, Adam’s Mom (I happen to be a lawyer, and my husband’s a teacher) but that didn’t seem to matter (not that it should) but it makes me wonder how people who do not know the laws are treated if we were treated like this. Please go to YOU TUBE and help me help kids like ours.

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  • Heather

    My parents had me late in life. They were told there was a good chance I would be born with Down Syndrome and they chose to have me anyway. I wasn’t born with it but I do know that those who I have known with Down are some of the most beautiful, loving, intelligent people on this earth. One of my best friends growing up was a girl with Down Syndrome and I never saw her as anything more than a girl just like me. Molly is just one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen (and I am not a believer in all babies are attractive, even if that’s mean to admit). Your family is so blessed and I wish all of you the best for the coming holidays.


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      She sure looks like a happy little girl! I hope the love you have for each other grows as the years go by. My daughter (who has 46 chromosomes) and I despise each other.

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