Travel Tuesday – Cruising

by Carrie with Children with 3 comments

I’ve been daydreaming about cruises lately.  I’d love to have a fruity drink with an umbrella in it and dance along with my cruise director to the Electric Slide.  My parents are currently on their tenth cruise this week! Such is the retired life, I guess. To make matters worse, my Dad called this morning to tell me all about the great food. He kept raving about his favorite Reuben sandwich and how he enjoyed the ice cream buffet – clearly he’s forgotten that I have a weakness for ice cream.

Our last cruise was in 2005, we went to the Bahamas and the ship’s private island. Call me crazy, but I’d rather just stay on the ship the whole time.  I love lounging in the sun, playing bingo, hanging out one of the many cruise ship bars and of course, the buffets!  I make a fool of myself at the breakfast buffet – all you can eat bacon, waffles, fruit, hashbrowns and my personal favorite – made to order omelets.  Delicious!

Is it sad that I brought my own flowery necklace?

 I can’t wait for my girls to get older so we can go cruising! I’ve always wanted to take a Disney cruise and be surrounded with all things Mickey! 

With the weather turning cooler, doesn’t it make you want to take a last minute tropical vacation?  Daydream with me today.  Have you been on a cruise before?  What’s your favorite port of call?


  • Kimi

    We have never been cruising!!!! One day…..

  • Carrie with Children

    What??!! Let's go together – so fun!

  • Anonymous

    I have never been on a cruise either but Carol B and I have some friends that must cruise like your parents I know she's been on at least 4 so far this year alone and going next week AGAIN! Carol and I planned to go on one once but that's when the hurricanes came through so that fell through also. We were going to do a Red Hat Lady cruise even though I wasn't 50 yet. I do LOVE the thought of havin an umbrella drink in one hand and some cabana boy bring me another for my other hand. My high school just did a cruise also but alas I was in Charleston clogging but after this competition I will be free to cruise along with whomever or whatever group wants to cruise…
    Pam Rodgers King