Rubbermaid Reveal Mop Makes Floors Shine

by Carrie with Children with 3 comments
I’m not a fan of doing chores, but then again – I don’t think anyone really enjoys it. I was immediately interested when SheSpeaks offered me the opportunity to review the new Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop.  I’m up for trying anything that can make cleaning easier and make my floors sparkly clean, so I decided to give it a shot.  Honestly, I was impressed!

My likes

  • I have the option to choose my own cleaning solution, thanks to the reusable, dishwasher-safe bottle.
  • No batteries!
  • The reusable microfiber cleaning pad is washable – I’m not stuck throwing it away and buying new pads each time. Rubbermaid states it is washable up to 100 times!    
  • The mop’s swivel neck makes it easy to clean the hard to reach spots.  
  • My floors are super clean!
Disregard Maggie’s personal bookshelf.

My dislikes

  • For the price, additional accessories should be included. Retail prices range from $28.99 to $39.99 and includes one resuable cleaning pad and one cleaning bottle. The dusting mop attachment, additional pads and resuable bottles are sold separately.  
  • My attempts at a small spray caused a slight mess, causing a sticky cleanup. 
Overall, this mop was easy to use and made my floors look great!  On the Carrie with Children scale of approval, this mop gets a B+.  If you need a change, give it a try – I think you’ll be impressed (just like me).
**I received this mop for free, courtesy of SheSpeaks.  The thoughts posted here are my own and not influenced by others.** 



  • Anonymous

    So what did this mop "reveal"? Other than clean floors 🙂

    Pam Rodgers King

  • Carrie with Children

    Ha! Good question Pam! It "revealed" that mopping was easy – (as long as my babies are sleeping)

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    Great Product. I have it and recommend to everyone. The best part is its light weight and good for the back. Thanks for posting it.