Travel Tuesday – My Favorite Vacation Spots

by Carrie with Children with 7 comments

Why do I always find myself dreaming about taking a vacation?  Oh yeah…maybe it’s because I haven’t been on one in forever!  In no particular order, here are my favorite vacation spots!  Where are your favorite places to go on vacations?

Paris – My husband (boyfriend at the time) had a work project in Europe in 2006 and thanks to frequent flier miles I got to visit! We stayed a few days in Paris and it was amazing!
Asheville – How could you not enjoy checking out this beautiful view?! Plus, I bet you didn’t know it’s gaining reputation of being an awesome foodie town!  Tons of great local spots! 

Pittsburgh – We have family in that area and believe it or not, it’s a fun place to visit!  We had a lot of fun at the Pirates game and the post-game fireworks show!

Nashville – I’m a sucker for live music, especially country music.  It’s a fun city!  Did you read about why I’m going there in a few weeks? 

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – We went to an all-inclusive resort on our honeymoon and it was amazing!  I hope to get back there one day, so I can lay on the beach and drink frozen, fruity beverages.  Ah, the good life!


  • Anonymous

    I have been to both Ashville, NC and Nashville, TN and love love both those places.
    I had a fun vacation with my family we went to visit my uncle in Kalamazoo, MI and we went to Detroit, MI and into Canada.
    As a child we camped in the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming, Mount Rushmore in the Dakotas my father was in the military and we went from California to Oklahoma to Wisconsin back to California and that was our route.
    My dream vacation is Australia and I'm so ready to go traveling myself.
    I can dream about it.

    Pam Rodgers King

  • Eschelle

    guess your living proof that paris is the city of love! CUTE!!

    my last post

  • Sippy Cup Mom

    Love it!

    And love the view of Asheville!

  • Carrie with Children

    Pam – Australia is on my bucket list too! I want to see kangaroos!!

    Eschelle – You are right – it's definitely the city of love 🙂

    SCM – Asheville rocks!

  • Jennifer Auer

    Asheville is beautiful. Was there before marriage and children, I would love to go back.

  • CarliAlice

    I've not traveled much but have been on a couple of cruises and a few places when I was younger. My favorites are Dallas and Miami. Cozumel was awesome the first time but it was just not the same after the hurricane.

  • The Regal Pup

    I love, love, love Asheville! We went there a couple of years ago for our one year anniversary. It's very eclectic!