Baby Einstein Discovery Packs – Educational and Fun! (Review)

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We’ve been fans of Baby Einstein products since Maggie was just a few months old. She’s always dancing around the house with her Baby Einstein handheld radio and she loves their videos.  I was thrilled when offered the opportunity to review a copy of their newest venture – Discovery Kits

The kits come in three levels with three different kits available, tailored to fit the needs of babies at any age. 

  • Experience (Level One) includes a DVD, a picture book and musical CD focusing on soothing sounds and images, along with a puppet show.
  • Explore (Level Two) includes the DVD, ten Discovery cards and a musical CD exploring the world of animals and nature
  • Expression (Level Three) features a DVD, a board book and a CD of music allowing children to discover nature, rhythm and colors

Our copy was the Baby Mozart edition (Experience).  As soon as I started the DVD, both my girls were instantly interested in watching the 22-minute show.  The bright colors, music and fun puppets were exciting and upbeat, not to mention the soothing music!  Maggie loves anything to do with music and I caught her a few times dancing around the room to the songs. 

I was thrilled to see that the picture books included real-world photos/images. As a special needs mom, I’m in the learning process of what toys/tools are recommended in helping my Molly. Her therapists and the local Down Syndrome educators have stressed that these type of picture books are a fantastic way for her to learn. Even though Molly is just a few months old, I’ve already began showing her the book and talking to her about the pictures.  It’s never to early to start learning! 

Overall, the new Baby Einstein Discovery Packs are a great way to add some fun and education into a child’s day.  (Plus, it’s a nice time for mommy to take a break!) On the Carrie with Children scale of approval, the Discovery Packs gets an A.  My girls enjoyed all aspects of the pack.  Although, mine was complimentary, the packs are reasonably priced at $19.99.  I think that’s a great deal considering three separate activities are included in it.

Be sure and check out Baby Einstein on Twitter, Facebook and their site to learn more about the Discovery Packs and other fun products. 

**I received a complimentary sample of this product, in return for an honest review. No financial compensation was provided. The thoughts here are 100% my own.**

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