Show Me Your Christmas Tree – Holiday Edition Blog Hop

by Carrie with Children with 31 comments
I thought it might be fun for to spread Christmas cheer by hosting a “Show Me Your Tree” blog hop! Grab the blog hop button for your own site (so folks can find the linky list), then link up your Christmas tree/decorations post below….and start hopping! 

Show Me Your Tree

Here is a picture of our dog/cat/toddler proof Christmas tree! The fence isn’t that cute, but it keeps little hands and animals from getting into the tree!   We had to move our tree into a new spot this year, thanks to the overload of toys in the play area. This year it’s in the sunroom.  The only thing I’m missing now is presents! 

This link will stay open until Christmas night… so keep checking back!

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  • Tara

    FAIL! Can you delete my first link? Sorry 🙁 I copied the URL to my tree post but then typed in my blog URL instead. I think my brain has shut down for the night!

    Thanks, and good job on the button!

  • Ashley

    How fun, I'm linking up tomorrow for sure! I love your tree, it's so pretty and you are so smart to make it toddler proof!

  • Sippy Cup Mom

    I will be linking up tomorrow, gotta take a picture of my tree!

    Your tree is so pretty!

  • Mama KC

    We don't have a tree this year. 🙁

  • Liz

    Your tree is beautiful! Looks rather serene….*sigh*

    Following you from lil-LIZ-bits, lil-bits from my Navy Wife Life Mom-prenuer adventures. Love to see you on Facebook too!

  • The Regal Pup

    No tree for us this year, but yours is pretty! Love the fence idea!

  • Jackie

    Ok…. I really need to get the tree up and decorated to do this!

  • Steph

    Cute tree!!

  • Mama KC

    Ok, I'm back with a tree picture. It's not from this year, though, but it IS a Christmas Tree. 🙂

  • Mrs. H

    What a cute hop idea! I'm a new follower and I've gone a little Christmas crazy :)…

    Mrs. H

  • Marissa

    your tree is SO fun…what a great blog hop idea 🙂 I'm happy to play along!!!

  • Belle's Butterfly

    Beautiful tree. I will link up tomorrow. We just got our tree tonight so it's not decorated yet.

  • Keli

    I linked up! Thanks for the linkup, it's really cute!

  • Heather M

    Awesome hop!!!! New follower!!!!

  • Julie Brett

    What a gorgeous tree! I have linked up xx

  • JDaniel4's Mom

    I love your child proofing. We have a table tree that my two year old can't knock over.

  • Mrs. Marine

    Awesome idea!! I linked up!
    Beautiful tree! Love the windows in that room! Your gate works for a cat? My cat would just jump over it, she's mischievous… I don't have any presents under my tree yet either.

  • Ciera

    Your tree is awesome kind of picture perfect with the background. Smart idea about the gate I am going to have to tell some ladies I know about this one.

  • RaisingLuv

    Hi, I found you through TheLifeOfSippyCupMom. This a great hop! I Love your TREE!! I'm a recent follower. I would love it if you could visit my blog and return the favor!

  • Jessica

    What a great idea, just added my link. Our tree should me surrounded by a gate like yours but instead I am constantly chasing children with ornaments and sweeping up pieces. I love our "all the ornaments at the bottom" look though 🙂

  • AmyLee

    love the baby gate! i may have to resort to that too.

  • Randa

    That is such a brilliant idea! I need to find a way to cat-proof our tree. I don't know how many ornaments we've lost because of them . . .

  • Mama Kat

    I love this idea and I'm so glad to see such a great turnout of participants!

    Your Christmas tree is GORGEOUS!

  • LindsayDianne

    I think that the baby/dog/cat gate is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Your tree is beautiful and I think this blog hop is an excellent idea! Thanks for hosting this.

  • Helena

    That baby gate is such an awesome idea!! As is the linky, which I just joined 🙂

  • Retail Therapy Lounge

    I am your newest follower and would love a follow back!

  • Gossip Mom

    I might have to find a puppy fence also, my pup chewed the cord on my nifty little ornament that controls the tree lights. I linked up yesterday!

  • Mommy to a lil lady[bug]

    Its a very nice tree! Such a great blog hop and now im following you!

  • I'm a full-time mummy

    Great looking tree! Love the safety feature too!

  • Anne - Mommy Has to Work

    What a great idea for a hop!

    I'm now following.


  • Susie B. Homemaker

    Found your link up thru Marvelous Mommy. 🙂 How ingenious to put the gate around the tree! We've had to move most of our ornaments up to the middle and top of the tree- the bottom is looking a little bare. lol :p