Wedding Memories and My Sneakers

by Carrie with Children with 18 comments

I’m going to a wedding shower today for one of my friends that I have known since I was probably in middle school (if not longer).  Last night, I started thinking about what an exciting time it must be for her right now.  It’s been almost four years since I got married – the months leading up to our wedding were stressful, expensive but most of all they were really fun! I guess that’s the old PR girl in me – I love details and I love planning events.

Most people that know me in real life would tell you that I’m definitely not a girl-y girl.  I’m not into fashion and I don’t like dresses (although my wedding dress was an exception – it rocked!).  I was determined to be comfortable, therefore I chose to wear sneakers under my dress.  They weren’t just any sneakers – they matched my dress perfectly, they were $15 and I loved them. I’m not sure others loved them, but who cares – it was my day!

We took our chances with an outside wedding. It was cloudy all day and as soon as the ceremony was over - the sun came out! It was a sign from above!

Most importantly, for me at least, my sneakers were good for dancing too!



I can’t wait to hear what special things my friend has planned for her big day!  She’s a fun person, so I know she’ll find an awesome way to put a unique spin on things to make her day extra special.

For all of you married folks – Did you do something at your wedding that was unique or different?  What was your favorite memory of your big day?!

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  • Coretta

    The sneakers were awesome. And they totally match perfectly. I'm working with a bride right now and she has great ideas, but is always saying, "Do you think its ok if I…" I keep telling her that it's her day and she can do just about whatever she wants. There are so few "rules" anymore except ones dictated by good manners. Found you over at SITS.

  • Sweet T Makes Three

    Love your sneakers and your dress! Wish I had worn some instead of the humongous heels I chose. It seems like a good idea at the time being 5'2" and marrying a 6'2" guy. 🙂

  • 1ne Proud Mama

    Wish I would have thought of that! Good choice!

  • Eschelle


  • Jenny

    You all look like a fun couple! Love the shoes! Wish I wore sneakers under my gown!!!

    Found you on weekend wander! I’m your newest follower!

  • parentingBYdummies

    Looks like a perfect choice to me! Sneakers at weddings should be mandatory. People would suffer fewer injuries while drunk stumbling around if they were in sneakers I bet! Came by from SITS to say hello:)

  • Kari

    Your sneaks were too cute! And, i'm sure practical. My wedding was pretty cookie cutter. I, like you, aren't much of a girlie girl (except for my babies), so I just let my mom make all the decisions. It turned out perfect. She has good taste.

  • Ashley

    I love your sneakers and the blue in your dress!

  • Carrie with Children

    Thanks everyone for the nice notes about my sneakers! 🙂 I was so proud of them! I haven't worn them since our wedding, but I still keep them in my closet – I just can't part with them yet.

  • Ruth

    When my hubby & I got married we took our parents to court house with us. It was low key, but very special or us. Afterwards we ended up spending the rest of the day buying a new truck!

  • Nicole Hill

    Brent and I were married at the Saint Francis Inn in downtown Saint Augustine, at 7:00PM…. they placed tiny white lights in all the trees of the garden…it was a beutiful wedding, simple and quiet. Except for the spanish wedding that was happening a few blocks away…. every 5 minutes you would hear Olle’! Loved it tho! My favorite memory was looking into his eyes at the ceremony. It was a glorious day!


  • Nicole Hill

    We were at your wedding.. my favorite memory was when you and your friends clogged on the dance floor! It was AWESOME!

    • Carrie with Children

      It was such a fun day!! So glad yall were there too!

  • Melissa

    I totally missed this post, thanks LinkWithin!

    I love the sneakers. My Mom was so mad at me but I wore flip flops. But I wear them all the time so I had to. I found white flip flops with diamonds so they were perfect! We got married outside too! 😉

  • Bernie

    I love the sneakers. I’ll bet they were comfy too.
    We got married last Oct. The day before Halloween and had a costume wedding. Everyone came in costume. My shoes were a pair of ruby red slippers. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a pay of those bad boys in a size 8W? *lol*

    Stopping by from Time Travel Tuesday

    • Carrie with Children

      Hi Bernie! Thanks for reading! Those sneakers were super comfy – best idea ever to wear them at my wedding! A costume wedding sounds amazing! And I love the idea of the ruby red slippers – how fun!

  • Kelly

    Love the sneaks! I can’t think of anything we did out of the ordinary for our wedding, but we did decide to go very low key and got married with just close friends and relatives out on Lake Tahoe. I am your newest follower from Say Hi Sunday!

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