Maclaren Kid Tester Wrap-Up (Review)

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

We have truly enjoyed our experiences with the Maclaren products this past month. For  newbies to this site, we are a Maclaren Kid Tester Family! (Read more of the series here and here and here.) The Junior Quest Activity Center and the beginning… by Maclaren baby products have been great products for my girls.  

I’ve been very impressed with Maggie’s activity center.  Besides being a great set of toys for her to play with, they are made with high quality materials.  Maggie thinks it’s fun to sit in the toy stroller (even though she clearly doesn’t fit), I was hesitant at first, but it was definitely strong enough to hold her weight. She has enjoyed putting her baby dolls in the rocking chair and pushing them all over the house in the stroller.  The activity center is definitely a toy that she’ll be using for many years. 

I’ve also enjoyed using the beginnings…baby bath products with Molly.  They are refreshing and smell so great.  As a mom, it’s comforting knowing that they are made with natural ingredients and organic oils.  Though this set is trial-sized bottles, I wonder if Maclaren will make them available in larger sizes?!

Overall, We’ve found both the activity center and the beginnings… bath products to be a great addition to our family.  On the Carrie with Children scale of approval, these Maclaren products gets an A+. The activity center is a set of toys that will provide Maggie (and Molly) with fun adventures for years to come. 

I appreciate Maclaren for allowing me to a part of this campaign. Be sure and join them on Facebook and also follow them on Twitter. Tell them Carrie with Children sent you!

**The mentioned Maclaren products were provided to my family complimentary in exchange for this review. The thoughts posted here are my own and not influenced by others.** 


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