Travel Tuesday – Australia Is On My Bucket List

by Carrie with Children with 12 comments

After some major writer’s block this morning for today’s Travel Tuesday entry, Lauren and Avery’s mom at Our Typical Life suggested I write about my bucket list of places I’d like to visit.  Such a great topic and one I could write about for days, but I’ll spare you today and focus on just one.Tops on my list?  Australia! (And before you even say anything – no, Oprah didn’t influence me. Not an Oprah fan here. Sorry.)

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Call me crazy, but I’ve always wanted to see koalas and kangaroos in their natural habitat.  Now, I know that’s probably totally a stereotype, but I’m sure there are some wildlife areas that it happens.  And if they wouldn’t claw my eyes out, I bet those cute koalas would be good cuddlers.

And if I ever get there, I can guarantee you that I won’t be climbing the Sydney Harbour BridgeWould you? Can you believe people climb this bridge for fun?! 

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What destination is tops on your “must-see” places?  What would you want to do when you get there? Tell me about your bucket list for traveling! 

Next week’s Travel Tuesday topic –  My past trips to Ireland.  You’ll want to come back for that post – just to see my pictures!  

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  • Our Typical Life


    I remember in high school, a friend went there to visit family and she brought back a picture of a toilet flushing backwards! We all thought that was so awesome!

    It would be amazing to go there.

    On my list are Ireland and Iceland. And Finland.

  • Sippy Cup Mom

    It would be really cool to go there! I really want to visit London and Italy.

    Can't wait for next week!

  • Lady Estrogen

    Have to go to Queensland to hold a koala – it's illegal everywhere else. It was worth it – went all the way up there for a cuddle 🙂

    Italy and Switzerland are on my bucket list of travel places… and oddly enough, L.A.

  • April Westerhold

    Right now, my #1 place to go would be Holland. Really, it's not for me but for Kanin. He is SO "in" to countries and for some reason Holland is his favorite. I told him that I will take him when he graduates from high school to Holland, Germany and Spain.

  • Elizabeth Flora Ross

    Australia is tops of my list! It's a tie with Greece, I think. And I am also not an Oprah fan. We're going to get along swimmingly. 😉

  • Mrs. Tuna

    Italy, where I could eat drink and be merry!

  • The Regal Pup

    I would love to see Australia too, and New Zealand. Also, anywhere in the Mediterrean (sp?)! 🙂

  • Hungrigyrl

    Australia, New Zealand and Greece are all on my bucket list. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Happy New Year!

  • Donna Cantrell

    We went to Australia and New Zealand on our honeymoon, and I can tell you that both countries are well worth the time spent in the sky. From the sheep shearing farms to the Sydney Opera House; Ayers Rock to the Southern Cross, there is so much to absorb. The people are warm and welcoming. I can’t wait to return- maybe I’ll see you there!

  • Sara @ Mom Endeavors

    You must get there sometime! 5 years ago, my brother-in-law moved there & now has dual citizenship. We were lucky enough to go visit in 2009 and it was INCREDIBLE! 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh Sara – I am super jealous! It must have been an amazing experience! As soon as I win the lottery, I’m going there 🙂

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