Travel Tuesday – My Trips to Ireland

by Carrie with Children with 1 comment
As promised from last week’s Travel Tuesday –  here is the story (and highlights) of my trips to Ireland.  

So, I was a dancer most of my life (clogger, to be exact..laugh if you want.).  In college, I was on a traveling team and was fortunate to travel to Ireland two separate times for performances, once in 1999 and then again in 2000.  Both trips were amazing and we had the opportunity to experience some pretty awesome things.  

My first visit to the Emerald Isle we spent time in the countryside of Northern Ireland and then time in Dublin.  My second trip we spent the entire time in Belfast.  Such an amazing country with rich history – I hope I can visit again one day. 

So I’ll stop rambling and just show you some beautiful pictures….

View from the plane. Check out all the green!

Trinity College in Dublin

Dunluce Castle along the coast of Northern Ireland

If you look close, I’m on the top right in the purple shirt with the bad haircut

Those trips to Ireland are some of my favorite memories from college.  I was fortunate to spend them with some of my best friendsHave you been to Ireland?  If so, what’s your favorite memory?

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