Five Question Friday – February 25

by Carrie with Children with 8 comments
I almost skipped this week’s questions, (you’ll see why when you read question number five) and then I remembered my mom telling me how much she learned about me each Friday.   So, here we go.  Enjoy and leave a comment below with your answers too!

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Can you drive a stick shift?
I “have” but I shouldn’t.  Does that make sense?!  A few people tried to teach me not long after I turned 16 and there ended up being a lot of tears involved, so I quit.  Long story short…in college I ended up having to drive someone’s car about 20 miles and it was terrible.  We survived, but I swore after that day that I would never attempt to drive a stick shift again.

What are two foods you just can’t eat? Oh I could name a lot more than just two here.  Pretty much anything green.  Not a fan of green beans, peas, collard greens, lima beans..however, I will eat lettuce.  I’m also not a fan of oysters..and yes I’ve tried them.  Something about the texture, I just can’t do it.

Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind? I love the chocolate/peanut butter Tagalongs and Trefoils.  I could eat an entire box of Trefoils in one problem. My husband says they stopped making Trefoils…  Is this true? Or did he just tell me this so I wouldn’t buy twelve boxes?!

How do you pamper yourself? I’m not even sure how to answer this one.  Seriously.  That’s pretty bad, isn’t it?!  I promise to do better.

What is your nickname and how did you get it? Ever since I was in high school, my sister has called me Beavis.  As in… Beavis & Butt-head.  Now I know what you are thinking….so do I call her Butt-head?  Nope!  I’m not even sure why/how I got this lovely nickname, but it stuck!  My sister is actually how I met my now-husband.  She called me Beavis so much that he didn’t even know what my real name was for a few weeks.


  • Not Butthead

    Maybe “Beavis with Children” has a nicer ring to it? Also, will bring in whole new demographic. You’re welcome. Friday is the day I always read, btw.

    • Carrie with Children

      LOL. “Beavis with Children” doesn’t have quite the same feel. I think I’ll stick with what I’ve got..thanks! Good to know about Fridays…I guess I’ll have to keep it up.

  • Mary McLean

    I always enjoy Fridays—keep it up, Beavis. From Murray

  • Eastlyn

    Hi, Carrie! Your answer to #1 cracks me up. I once almost tipped my dad’s stick shift “Dodge Omni” over on it’s side because once I made it up to 4th gear, I was too terrified of stalling out if I downshifted. Turning into the church parking lot going up a slight incline at 40 mph almost proved to be a disaster! LOL The things we live to tell about from our teenage years! Have a great weekend.

  • Beth

    I have a horror story that contain oysters and honestly thinking of it makes me gag a little!! Love this post, so fun!

  • Kelly-Ann

    You should pamper yourself every now and then. I do, sometimes but I don’t have any kids so I can’t relate =/

    I don’t like seafood. They belong in the sea, not our stomachs =)

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  • NYCPatty

    1. Nope, and really don’t want too!
    2. Broccoli and Shrimp…no, no, no!
    3. Samoas
    4. When I remember too but not as much as a should! Usually its with a new outift, shoes or a purse!
    5. Pattycakes…from my sister! She’s the only one who calls me that 🙂

  • Pam Rodgers King

    Its been a very long time since I’ve driven a stick shift-I think I probably still could if I had to but I prefer not to.
    There are tooo many things I don’t and won’t eat-I definitely have a texture issue with food.

    Yes I buy Girl Scout Cookies-we have thin mints and the tag alongs. I’m not sure if they have the trefoil or not-not one of my faves so I didn’t look.
    I go get a pedicure and manicure every two weeks and for my birthday next week I’m going to get a massage.
    Not sure how I got to start with nickname guess parents just called me Pam for short instead of Pamela and my Nana always called me Pami Ann.