Similac Baby Journal iPhone/iPod App *Review* #babyjournal

by Carrie with Children with 1 comment

Juggling a lack of sleep and keeping track of feedings, naps and diaper changes can really be difficult for new moms.  The for Similac BabyJournal app iPhone/iPod is an extremely useful tool for keeping track of your little one’s every activity.  And while I’ve been using the app this past week with Molly (and loving it), I wish it had been around when my girls were infants.

I’ve been using this free app to keep track of diaper changes and how long (if any) Molly naps.  Some of the other things you can track within this app are length and amount of individual feedings, and the “type” of diaper change (you know..#1 or #2).  I really appreciate that while this app was created by a formula company, they also provide a section for tracking breastfeeding too!

One really cool feature I’ve also discovered is that iPhone users can press the “Call Our Feeding Expert” button and instantly place a call to receive 24/7 assistance with any questions and concerns.  There is also a wealth of information in the Tips and Advice section.  You can even email the journal entries directly from the app.

My only dislikes of this app?  I wish that it included tracking for feedings of baby food.  We are already in the baby food stage and I’d love to keep track of what types of foods we feed her at each meal.  Also – I wish there was an edit option for the timers in the nap and feedings.  A few times this week, I completely lost track of time and forgot to “end” the timer when Molly woke up.

I found this app to be extremely helpful.  While, I used this app with Molly and it was great – I think it could be a lifesaver to any new mom.  Go here to download the Similac BabyJournal app to your iPhone or iPod.  It’s a “must have” for every mom! 

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  • Melissa

    What a wonderful app! I wish I would have had this when Hayden was a baby and I was nursing!