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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Tuesday Travelers series! This week Tara from 3 P’s in a Pod tells us all about Indianapolis!  It looks like a great city and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about their children’s museum!  We have close friends that live in Indianapolis – I hope to visit there soon!
And a special note to my husband  – I had nothing to do with the part in Tara’s story about the Indianapolis Colts.  Believe me, it hurts to see a Colts jersey on my site!  Go Jaguars!
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Hello everyone! I’m so excited to tell all of you about the great city of Indianapolis, Indiana today! Since Carter is still young (and we spent the last year living up north) we haven’t experienced much of the city with him yet. But I will certainly tell you about the places that Jake and I love and where we can’t wait to take Carter!

Indianapolis Zoo

I have to start with the zoo because, well, that’s where our story begins! Jake and I went to the zoo on our very first date! Then, four years later, we got married at the zoo!

My absolute favorite part is the Hilbert Conservatory. Butterflies fly all around you and, as you can see, often land on you! It’s so fun as an adult, I can only imagine how much a child would enjoy it!

I also love the Dolphin Pavillion. It’s a huge glass “bubble” where you can watch the dolphins swim around you! How cool is that?

Unfortunately, we haven’t been back to the zoo since the wedding (almost two years ago). But we’ll definitely be making a trip this summer. I’ve been wanting to see their new Cheetah exhibit that opened last year! I’m sure Carter will have a blast!

Canal Walk

Another thing that we’ve loved to do through the years is walk along the Canal Walk. This is a three mile loop in downtown Indianapolis. It’s so relaxing to walk along the water on a nice, warm day. Carter’s first big outing was to the Canal Walk.

Just a couple weeks ago there were two beams brought in from the World Trade Center buildings for a memorial that’s being constructed along the Canal Walk. There’s also the USS Indianapolis National Memorial, as well as the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial.

Monument Circle

Sometimes we just enjoy walking around downtown. The atmosphere is so much different there! Monument Circle is in the center and home to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. There’s also a big fountain there and some little shops/restaurants. Perfect spot to spend some time on a nice, summer day!

Circle Centre Mall

In the mood for some shopping? Downtown Indianapolis has you covered there as well with the beautiful Circle Centre Mall. Jake actually worked in this mall for a while back when we first moved to Indianapolis. It’s the home of many popular stores and restaurants. I love shopping here because there’s so much light that comes in through the glass ceiling.


Children’s Museum

Indianapolis is home to the largest children’s museum in the WORLD! I’ve never been there but absolutely cannot wait to take Carter! I’ve seen so many of my friends take their little ones and I think he’s getting to be just the right age to start enjoying some of the activities 🙂 They have so many awesome exhibits ranging from Barbie to Dora and Diego!


Indianapolis Colts

I know my dear friend, Carrie, would be disappointed if I didn’t include a section about the wonderfully awesome Indianapolis Colts! Their home is the new Lucas Oil Stadium, which is also where Super Bowl XLVI will be held in 2012! I can’t imagine how crazy this city will be, but I do know that I can’t wait for another season of Colts football to start!

I hope all of you have enjoyed this little glimpse into the wonderful city of Indianapolis. Big thanks to Carrie for having me today as a Tuesday Traveler!

Photo credit: Circle Centre Mall – visitindy.com, Children’s Museum – childrensmuseum.org


  • Melissa

    Great post!

    I would love to visit some day, we are only about 5 hours away!

    The zoo looks like a lot of fun and definitely the Children’s Museum!

    • Carrie with Children

      I’m really hoping we can get to Indy to visit soon! It really sounds like a great city!

    • Tara P.

      Maybe we should all plan a get-together 😉

      • Melissa

        I’m all for that! 😉

  • A Mommy in the City

    This looks like a great city to visit! I’d love a good mall right about now!

    • Carrie with Children

      Doesn’t it look so pretty?! That mall looks amazing!

    • Tara P.

      Definitely nicer than the normal enclosed mall! You can’t help but be happy shopping in that sunshine!

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      Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by! I’m running over to check out your site now!

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  • Sierra

    How do I get to the canal (quickly) from the Circle Centre Mall? Which street is closest to it?

    • Tara P.


      It really depends on where you exit the mall and where you want to enter the canal. I think you can take Washington St. from the mall and you’ll cross the canal.

      However, it may be easier to park at the mall and walk to the canal. Downtown parking can be a hassle so we’ve done that before. In that case we walked down Maryland St.

      I hope this helped 🙂