Wordless Wednesday *Linky* – Mom..You’re Embarassing Me!

by Carrie with Children with 36 comments

This picture was taken during a physical therapy session, she’s practicing staying up on all fours.  She’s now an Army crawler!  Yay!


  • Shanna

    Too Cute!!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks! 🙂 This little picture makes me smile!

  • Heather D


  • Lolo

    Yay for your little army crawler! She looks adorable!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you! I’m so excited she’s starting to crawl already! Now the fun really begins!

  • Mommy Head

    Yay! Way to go Molly! She is such a doll! I hope Ryan crawls soon 😉

    • Carrie with Children

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Mr. Ryan! 🙂 It seems Molly learned how to crawl overnight! lol

  • Aimee

    Thanks for the linky- I love the expression on her face 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      You are so welcome Aimee! That little expression on her face makes me laugh every time I look at this picture! 🙂

  • Comedy Plus

    That’s exactly what she is saying mom. How wise of you to know.

    Have a terrific WW. 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      LOL. She just looks so embarrassed…and generally annoyed at the same time 🙂

  • Molly

    Go girl! Yay!!

    • Carrie with Children

      She’s making awesome progress! Now the real fun begins…trying to keep up with a crawling baby!

  • Melissa

    Go Molly, Go Molly!!!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks! She’s a busy girl on the move now!

  • Andrea

    Hooray for your army crawler!! Go girly go!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks! She’s a fast, little army crawler too! lol

  • Aisha LaBarrie

    Lookin good!

  • Aisha LaBarrie

    Had fun linking up with several cool blogs. Look forward to more tomorrow. Night all!

  • Tiffany @ Home Grown Families

    HA!!!! LOVE the face!! Imagine when she’s 16… 🙂

  • Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

    Yay! Glad to hear it.

  • mizhelle

    such a cutie 🙂

  • Emily faliLV

    She looks like a little BUNNY!! Love it!

  • One Rich Mother

    She is sooo cute, I love the look she is giving you in this picture. lol

    also way to go baby! I remember the first time my little boy (he is 4 now) first rolled over by himself after months of OT I was so excited that I scared him with all my noise. lol Just you wait and she will be zipping all over the place. : )

  • Aleks

    What a DOLL! Great shot…and caption 🙂 Happy Wednesday!!

  • Shelly

    She is so adorable! Happy WW!

  • Tara@ Thats a Wrap

    I am sorry but she is yummy and I could eat her up! Beautiful that little bundle of joy! I think her and my 7 month (ok just shy of 8 months I am in denial) would have some fun together! Hope you head over and check out mine it will take you away for a moment so to speak!

  • Jessica

    What a sweet little expression. She is just stunning!

  • aimee

    So cute!!! Her face says it all 🙂 Linking up! Hope you could come over and link up on mine too. Thanks! 🙂

  • ICStarzz



  • A Mommy in the City

    Yay Molly!!!! She is just the cutest!

  • Patty

    YAY for your little crawler! 🙂
    She’s really cute! Love that baby face!

  • aquariann

    Adorable!! ^.^

  • Lorie Shewbridge

    Hip, hip,, hooray for Molly!! What a little trooper.
    This photo is just so adorable, I love the pink cheeks she has.
    She is getting so big, but is still just as beautiful.

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much, Lorie! She’s doing great at therapy…and growing up so quickly! 🙂