My Lindsay Lohan Sighting in South Beach at #SheCon!

by Carrie with Children with 3 comments

I’m home from SheCon’11 in South Beach!  I had an awesome drive to South Florida in a beautiful Buick Enclave (Thanks to General Motors Southeast) and I hosted a Firehouse Subs party on Friday night that was fantastic!  I learned a lot at the blogging conference and met some great new friends too!  Throughout the week, I’ll post some recaps of the different breakout sessions I attended.  For now, I’ll tell you all about my Lindsay Lohan celebrity sighting! (Let me preface this by telling you that I am not a fan…At. All.  But, come was a celebrity and I couldn’t *not* take pictures.)

Saturday afternoon during the lunch break, I went back to the hotel to drop off some things and have some lunch (leftover Firehouse Subs!).   I just happened to glance out the window and noticed there was a photo shoot taking place on the rooftop of the hotel next door.  I watched for a bit, but didn’t think much of it.  I jumped on Twitter …and noticed The Football Wife (my down the hall neighbor) tweeted that she was watching too and that it was Lindsay Lohan.  I instantly got out the camera and thanks to a good zoom on my camera…it was her!

It was getting close to time for the next SheCon sessions to begin, so I made my way downstairs.  I noticed the paparazzi was staked out on the sidewalk waiting for her.

And before I knew it….she was shuffled into a waiting car (shout out to Chevy!)  and literally ran redlights and weaved through traffic to get away from the paparazzi chasing behind them on their scooters.  Honestly, it was pretty scary to watch them chasing her.   I’m guessing that probably happens to her every time she goes somewhere.  Scary stuff!

So…that was my big celebrity sighting for the weekend!  Do you have any celebrity sighting stories?


  • Pam King

    No I don’t have any celebrity sightings, I’m NOT a fan of hers either but agree how can somebody NOT take pics of a celebrity. Unfortunately the paparazzi chasing celebrities is what caused the death of Princess Diana they were racing to get away-we’ll leave out that her driver was probably intoxicated too. Its sad when people have to stalk people and try to sell pictures to make a living.


  • RoryBore

    I’ve seen the Wiggles in concert twice – does that count? My hubbie had a picture of Murray on his cell phone forever because they came right down into the front rows and he stood right beside us playing his guitar. Other than that, here in Canada…..we see hockey players all over the place. For awhile here it wasn’t unusal to see Carrie Underwood at a Ottawa Senators Hockey game (she’s married to a player Mike Fisher, but he’s since been traded.)

    But I guess my biggest one is since I am also from his hometown, and a friend had a cottage on the same lake as him….I have met Dan Aykroyd. Like seen him numerous times around town. Like so many times growing up, I forget he’s a celebrity. Same with Don Cherry (very outspoken hockey commentator from Hockey Night in Canada, also from my hometown) — he even came to a basketball game I played in public school because his brother was our Principal, and he often visited the school.

    Oh, I forgot — I danced for the Queen when I was a little girl too. She visited Canada to open a highway (called the Queen’s highway, ah duh) and we did Highland dancing for her. I even shook Prince Phillips hand! The Royal Yacht was out on Lake Ontario and they were talking with the crowd while waiting for the boat that would take them back to the yacht.

    So there….guess that all adds up to my 15 minutes close to fame. One less thing to worry about….