Not So Wordless Wednesday – Disney’s Vinylmation

by Carrie with Children with 5 comments

This past weekend, we took a last minute trip to Disney World. It was the makings of a perfect mini-vacation. Disney is a quick 2 1/2hour road trip, our park tickets were set to expire soon and we scooped up a free room thanks to hotel reward points.   How can anyone say no to that kind of trip?!

Besides visiting Epcot and Hollywood Studios, we spent a lot of time at Downtown Disney and it’s there that I fell in love (again) with Disney’s Vinylmation collectibles.  Yes, I realize the Vinylmation series was actually introduced in 2008, but every time I see these fantastic figurines, I forget how much I love them.  I’m too cheap to buy all these beautiful collectibles, so instead I just got carried away taking pictures of all them.

















I especially love the new Cars 2 collectibles that were just released over the weekend in conjunction with the Car Masters Weekend at Downtown Disney.


These Muppets ones absolutely crack me up!  I love the Janice one and the Pigs in Space ones too!  So cute!


Do you have any Disney’s Vinylmation collectibles?  Which ones are your favorites?



  • Amanda

    I LOVED this store too!!! I got the little spiral notebook that has all kinds of Vinylmations on them because I knew I wouldn’t be able to pick just one that I liked! So now I get to see them all in their cuteness!

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh that’s such a good idea! I should have just bought a notebook! Dang it…why didn’t I think of that?! 🙁

  • A Mommy in the City

    I love these too! Harlan saw them when we were at Disney and fell in love. I didn’t suck it up and buy one for her though. She just had to settle for a regular stuffed Minnie. 😉

    • Carrie with Children

      LOL. Maggie just had to settle for a regular stuffed Minnie too. She doesn’t move without it! I guess I’ll just have to drool over my pictures instead 🙂

  • Lorie Shewbridge

    Gotta love a spur of the moment trip to Disney. You know how much I love going there, but I’m so close, I can drive over for an hour or two. =)
    I didn’t really care for the vinylmation stuff when it first came out, but there have been a couple that I think are cute – like the Muppet ones, THEY are adorable.
    I won’t buy any because I could get SO carried away – I’m like that. You sould see the Disney collectables I have in my house now… scary!
    Glad you had fun.