Guest Post: How to Create Your Own Cookbook with “The Keepsake Cookbook”

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I’m mixing it up today with a guest post!  My friend Cam over at the Cracker Jax Blog shares the scoop on a new book about creating a cookbook!  Such a cool idea and “The Keepsake Cookbook” written by Belinda Hulin can help do it!    Check out Cam’s thoughts about the book….and when you get done reading, stop over at Cracker Jax Blog and say hello!

“The Keepsake Cookbook” isn’t really a cookbook at all. It is step-by-step guide to “Gathering Delicious Memories One Recipe at a Time” and chocked full of theme ideas for you to create your own cookbook.

Atlantic Beach, Florida, cookbook author Belinda Hulin gets down to brass tacks this time out with an information and idea rich guide to creating that special keepsake cookbook whether it be for family, a church or community group, travelogue or topic specific gift such as Christmas cookies.
How hard could it be to put together a cookbook, right?

As Hulin says, it is not hard. If you follow her guidance, however, I promise you’ll not only save yourself time and frustration, but you’ll surely create a better book. When pulling together something this special, you surely don’t want that 20/20 hindsight angast.

The most useful chapter from a publishing standpoint is the early chapter titled “Getting Started: What You’ll Need.” Here Hulin breaks it down so you’ll answer your most important questions before you start:

1. State your intentions. Family cookbook, group fundraiser, gift cookbook, photo calendar with recipes, digital?

2. Define the scope of your book. This is your vision for your cookbook. The theme, contributors, size, group plans.

3. Identify your elements. What else will be included? Illustrations, tips, family tree, scanned documents?

4. Identify your sources and resources. Do you already have the recipes or need to to gather them? Who will photograph?

5. Decide on a format. Professionally bound? Digital ebook destributed online? Scrapbook? Website?

6. Build a timeline. Pick a deadline. Build a blueprint with tasks for each week leading up to the date.

Favorite sections include:

  • How to interview older family members for recipes that have never been written down
  • Writing useable recipes; turning Grandma’s prose into usable instructions
  • Deciphering heirloom and ethnic recipes
  • Hi-tech digital publishing tools, as well as the low-tech method
  • Themes such as holidy favorites or your family’s favorite desserts
  • Food photography tips

I loved her suggestion to make your own cookbook to give as a gift and to always include a small food sampling of a recipe you’ve used with the book. She even gives recipes you’re welcome to include in your book.  I have never in my wildest dreams considered publishing a cookbook of any sort, but “The Keepsake Cookbook” has shown me that all things are possible.
Cracker Jax Rating [Rating:5/5]

Join Belinda Hulin at the release party for her book on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 3 p.m. at The Book Mark in Neptune Beach, Florida. She will be signing copies purchased there.

She is also the author of “Roux Memories,” “Knack Chinese Cooking,” “The Everything Fondue Party Book” and “The Everything Pizza Book.”

I received no compensation for this review, however, I did receive a free review copy. My opinions and comments are solely my own.