Nursery Rhymes Are Fun with Mother Goose Club

by Carrie with Children with 4 comments

Nursery rhymes are a fantastic way to incorporate reading, speech and fun into a child’s life. They are a building block in the path of developing a love of reading.

We’ve enjoyed singing along with The Mother Goose Club – Nursery Rhyme Singing Time DVD this past week.  Colorful characters, Teddy Bear, Jack B. Nimble, Little Bo Peep, Baa Baa Sheep, Mary Quite Contrary and Eep Mouse come to live making it easy for little ones to enjoy the show.

Each day after lunch, the girls have some quiet time in front of the television.  The Mother Goose Club DVD features 40 minutes of nursery rhyme fun – plenty of time for me to clean up the kitchen and take care of a few chores! The DVD is entertaining and interactive, and most of all – it’s fun too!   I love that Maggie dances around the room!  I love watching her try to do the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” hand motions along with Teddy Bear and Eep Mouse – so cute!

Check out this fun clip of the Mother Goose Club in action!


We’ve been working a lot with Molly on teaching her to clap, so the “Clap Your Hands” song is one we sing a lot in the car! She’s getting so close to figuring out how to clap, Mother Goose Club will be great for helping with her motor skills! The Mother Goose Club CDs contain 30 songs filled with a variety of fun, nursery rhymes. And yes, I admit – I find myself singing along too! They are catchy little songs!

I’ll definately be packing this DVD with us on our next road trip in a few weeks.

Be sure and check out the Mother Goose Club on Twitter and also on Facebook.  You can also find great Mother Goose Club songs on YouTube!

** I received a complimentary copy of the Mother Goose Club DVD, music CDs and coloring book for the purpose of this review from my partnership with Team Mom.  Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own and not influenced by others. **


  • Pam King

    Where can we get this DVD? I sure don’t recall seeing it in any store.

  • Mother Goose Club

    Thanks for checking us out!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you for such a fun DVD! We have enjoyed it! I appreciate you stopping by to read my review!