Favorite Friday Video: Molly’s New Trick – Walking!

by Carrie with Children with 10 comments

Molly has been working SO hard lately at trying to walk.  This past week we put her grocery cart in front of her and she just took off walking! I just happened to have my camera nearby and got it on video! I love that when she falls, she doesn’t hesitate and gets right back up to go again.   She’s only 15 months old and she’s a superstar!



  • Working Mommy

    HORRAY!!!!!! Way to go Molly!!


    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks! We are SO proud of her! She’s doing so good at walking with her little grocery cart! 🙂

  • Cassie W

    Before you know she will be running all over the place with Maggie!! And did I hear you to singing the Yo Gabba Gabba song at the end? =)

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh yes, she’s going to be chasing her sister soon! 🙂 I hope Maggie is ready! lol. Yo Gabba Gabba was playing on the television in the background while she was walking! We love DJ Lance

  • Miranda

    Way to go Molly! What a superstar :D.

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks! She’s doing so great – walking all over the house with her grocery cart 🙂 A total superstar!

  • Grandma Bonnie

    That is so awesome. It is not always possible to capture those great moments on video. She sure is working hard. It looks like she loves pushing the cart.

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much! I usually keep my camera on the kitchen counter, just waiting on moments like these! So glad I caught this one! She loves her little grocery cart

  • mary mclean

    Love this video!!! I told you she was a determined little girl ! She will be able to do whatever she wants. Miss you all

    • Carrie with Children

      She is super determined….and she loves her grocery cart! She walked all over the house today with it. We miss you all too!