Hasbro’s National Family Game Night This Wednesday and Coupons!

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Start making plans because this Wednesday, September 28th is National Family Game Night!   With so much juggling going on in everyday life, taking the time to have fun and celebrate each other is so important.  I’m a fierce competitor, so as a child I always enjoyed a “friendly” competition with my sister.  Whether we were playing The Game of Life, Connect 4 and Monopoly – playing games brought us together and we still laugh over memories of our heated board game rivalries.

My husband and I love playing Scrabble – we’ve got a date set for Family Game Night this Wednesday night to break out the letter tiles and start spelling!  (I’ll keep you posted on who wins!)


Visit www.FamilyGameNight.com to print out over $83 in coupons but plan ahead, these coupons expire October 9.  Scoop up savings for own family on games such as Monopoly, Operation, Candy Land, Guess Who, Connect 4 and even Cootie!

I think my favorite game as a kid would have to be The Game of LIFE.   I loved all of the “real life” situations and for some reason I was always excited to see if I would have twins! (I admit, I’m easy to entertain.)  It was always fun to make it to the end of the game to see how life unfolded….and how much money you had in the bank too!

What game is/was your favorite family game?

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** I received no compensation for this post.  I grew up playing interactive games with my family, so I wanted to share this information with you.  **