Tell Me Everything You Know About Potty Training Toddlers!

by Carrie with Children with 16 comments

This week begins a new adventure in our house – potty training.  (Cue the scary music…).   We’ve been reading “the Potty Book” for weeks now and this past week we bought Maggie her very own potty.

She seems to be excited about having her “very own potty” and we’ve practiced sitting on the potty and she’s even let her stuffed animal dog sit on the potty – but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.

I’ve stocked up on Pull-Ups and big girl underwear…but what’s my next step?  I seriously have no idea what to do next.  How exactly does one start this process? (I know this may sound sarcastic, but I really have no idea what I’m doing here.)

So….how did you begin the popular (or not so popular) task of potty training?  I’m so confused and unsure of where to start.  Tell me your secrets because I need all the help I can get around here!


  • Cassie W

    Just dive right in. Make sure you are in the right mind frame because you will be mentally exhausted and get frustrated. We took the dive about a month ago and we still have our accidents Right now we have the issue of getting Caelyn to poop on the potty. She is scared to go. =( But we have more good days then bad so in the end it is worth it. I also recomend using bribery if Maggie is a kid it will work for. We bought Caelyn a plush Cinderella and her reward for no accidents is a movie with Cinderella and then if she poops she gets to sleep with her. It has worked more then it has failed. Good luck!!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks for the tips, Cassie! I can already tell it’s going to be exhausting and frustrating…and we haven’t even started yet 🙂

  • First Coast Kidz

    Hi Carrie,

    First, remember that each child is different and therefore, our approach may not work for you. If you get a lot of responses, you will need to blend them to create something special for your little one.

    Okay, our little one did not want her “own potty”. We had to use the grown up potty converter/covers. Here’s what we did:

    1. Pick consistent times to train (i.e. first thing in the morning, before/after dinner, before/after nap, etc).

    2. Buy books that explain the process.

    3. Lot’s of encouragement.

    4. Reward “the act” with a sticker or something.

    • Carrie with Children

      Love your tips! I’m all about a routine, so consistency will definitely be a part of my game plan! Maggie loves for me to read her “the” potty book! I’m hoping that’s a good sign 🙂

  • KIM

    I’ll be doing the potty thing soon myself!!!

    Following you from a blog hop.

    Would love a follow back! Thanks

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks for following along, Kim! Good luck to you and little one on the potty training adventures! Running over to your site now!

  • michelle bardos

    Good Luck!!

    We finally got our oldest potty trained and it took 8 months =/

    Found your blog through Hop Along Friday and am now a GFC follower.

    Would love a follow back on my blog

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks, Michelle! I think it’s probably going to take my Maggie awhile to catch on too! I appreciate you following along, I’m running over to your site now!

  • Miranda

    My best advice? Be consistent. If you want you can check out my post but the best thing to do is just dive right in. I never used pull ups except at naptime so that when she had an accident she could feel it and it would gross her out, LOL. Best of luck :).

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks for the advice, Miranda! I love a routine, so I’m definitely going to be consistent! Running over to read your post now! Appreciate you sharing it

  • Joyce

    My advice: It’s easier to train an older kid who’s ready than to try to push a little one. Wait and let the kid tell you when it’s time.


    • Carrie with Children

      Great advice, Joyce! I think we are learning that first hand in our house!

  • Xenia @ Thanks, Mail Carrier

    We had a Potty Party with my older daughter and it worked fabulously! We watched potty videos, read potty books and every 15 minutes we went and sat and tried to go.

    Just for trying she got a little treat and a special drink (to help make her go more) and eventually when she actually went, she got to unwrap a little gift. We did that routine for the day (it was a tiring day but I stayed really enthusiastic and excited for her) and by the end we were done!

    I was even luckier with my second daughter because she had watched her sister enough that she just went ahead and ditched the diapers without trouble.

    I hope things are going well for you! It’s definitely a frustrating process but it will feel so good when you’re looking back from the other side! 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      Xenia – You are a genius! This is the best idea EVER! I especially love that she got a special drink, to make her go more often! Too funny! I’m stealing this idea 🙂 Thanks for the advice

  • Kalista

    Pee with the door open!! That’s how it all started for us! 😉 We’ve been blessed with very easy training…but I think thats because my kids were ready far before I was (diapers are just so much more convenient!!).

    Good luck with it! 🙂

    I found you on the Friendly Friday Blog Hope! I’m your newest follower! I hope you will come check me out!!