Wordless Wednesday *Linky* – Can I Take Your Order?

by Carrie with Children with 25 comments


  • Tammi @ My Organized Chaos

    Ha!!! My girls always play Timmy’s – think I go thru drive through for coffee, much?

    My Organized Chaos

  • Naomi A.

    So so so cute!! One of the things I love the most about being a mommy is getting to play pretend just like when I was a toddler. They really bring out the kid in us!!

  • Lolo

    LOL. They are too cute.
    I will take a cheeseburger and fries please!

  • Vivien

    I love it!!!

    Happy Wednesday 🙂

  • Stefany @ ToBeThode

    So cute! That was one of my favorite things to do as a kiddo too. 🙂

  • blueviolet

    You MUST tell me the name of her restaurant! With a chef that enthusiastic, I feel as if I need to eat there! 🙂

  • Rachel@ That's Life

    Love it! What a cute play kitchen too.

  • Brandy @ Momwich

    too much sweetness! I’ll have pizza and a milkshake please, the calories don’t count if you order online, right?

  • Janice

    Brings back so many memories of eating the pretend or plastic food!

  • BabyPop

    cute I love to see kids playing love the hat!

  • Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails

    that is so sweet when they play nice together. what fun!

  • melanie

    wow, that is too cute!

  • Samantha @kreativekaring

    Haha too cute 😛

  • BusyWorkingMama

    Cuties! Happy Wednesday!

  • Looking for Blue Sky

    What a gorgeous photo – it really makes me wish I still had small kids, they’re just so cute 🙂

  • Gina

    How cute is that??!!

  • Tara P.

    Aww, how sweet 🙂

  • Teresa from NanaHood

    I’ll eat at their restaurant anytime! I’m a faithful follower! Visit me at the Hood (nanahood) any time you can!

  • Miranda

    I love when kids play together — love it :)!!

  • Stacy Uncorked

    Oh I love it! They are ADORABLE! 🙂

    Vibrant – and Goofy – Fall

  • Lenasledgeblog.com

    How adorable. A little chef and a patron. Too cute.

  • Leslie

    How many cups of ‘tea’ I been blessed to drink with the grand littles or had my order taken and brought to my rocking chair. Fun times!

  • Nannette Gilbert

    too cute and so much fun

  • Lorie Shewbridge

    So adorable… I’ll have a coffee and egg sandwich.
    I’m sure she will get lots of tips. =)

  • Art of RetroCollage

    Looks like she borrowed that cap from Chef Paul Prudhomme! SOOOOO cute…… Have a wonderful WW