Ask Pull-Ups Your Potty Training Questions!

by Carrie with Children with 14 comments

A few weeks ago, I told you that we were about to start the potty training adventure.  We haven’t made much progress….but thankfully, the folks at Pull-Ups have come to the rescue with a fun, interactive experience!

Jen Singer, Pull-Ups Potty Training Partner and creator of MommaSaid.Net wants to answer our questions Submit your questions in the comment section below and check back soon for a video post from Jen Singer, answering our questions…just for Carrie with Children readers!

Some of my questions include –

    • How do you overcome a child’s fear of the potty?
    • What about traveling with a toddler that is potty training?  Any tips?
    • What are good rewards besides food and/or candy?
    • How can I motivate myself and not get frustrated?

    I’m excited to see what questions you have about potty training!

    Leave your questions in the comment section below and maybe Jen will answer your question in an upcoming video post!

    Check out the fun tools and helpful tips at the Pull-Ups website,  follow along via Twitter at @PullUpsBigKid and join the conversation on the Pull-Ups Facebook page too!


    ** Pull-Ups® training pants provided me with a Pull-Ups® Potty Training Kit. However, my opinions on the products are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards Pull-Ups® or their products. **


    • Judy

      My 2.5 year old can go #1 in the toilet just fine but doesn’t even recognize when he needs to go #2…doesn’t give any signals and is irregular. Does this mean he just isn’t ready?

    • Amanda

      What about nighttime potty training? We’ve been successful with daytime potty training for almost 2 years now (I have a 4 year old) but can’t seem to get him to stay dry through the night. Tips/ideas/suggestions/help!!!!!

    • Jules from A Little Bite of Life

      My son is older now, but Pull Ups got us through a difficult time in potty training, so thank you Pull Ups!

    • Crystal

      Is it OK to put your kids in smaller sized Pull ups to save $$ by getting more diapers?

    • Pam Rodgers King

      My three year old grandson is fine during the day but we still have the nighttime issues staying dry some nights yes most nights no and also pooping in the toilet. Why can’t we get him to poop in the toilet? I’m sure the night time issue will come when he gets a little older he just turned 3 in September but would really appreciate the help in how to get him to sit on the toilet for more than 30 seconds.
      Thank you

    • Vanessa: the queen of swag !

      I’m so happy he went straight for the toilet and never needed a potty.

    • Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Photography Blog

      I don’t have children, but I have experienced potty training with one kitten and two puppies. Here is what I’ve learned:

      Kitten: take to the bathroom after eating, playing, napping – give treats & praise after litter box usage – potty trained in 5 days

      Puppy (boy): take to the bathroom after eating, playing, napping – put potty pad next to the door and every time puppy goes near pad, take right outside – give treats & praise after every successful potty – potty trained in a month

      Puppy (girl) if your girl puppy is like mine, then you probably call her Princess Pretty Paws, like I do, therefore: take to the bathroom after eating, playing, napping – put potty pad next to the door and every time puppy goes near pad, take right outside and be quick about it, because she’ll only give you about 5 seconds – stand out side and repeat “go potty for mommy” over and over until she does her business; if it’s raining, she won’t go out – give treats & praise after every successful potty – potty trained in 2-3 months

      I wish PULL UPS could have worked for us 🙂

    • Missy E

      How do you get them to go from using a little potty (training potty) to the big potty? My three year old will go in the little potty sitting down, but he does NOT like the big potty, even with a potty seat 🙁

    • Christy @ Insanity Is Not An Option

      I am attempting to potty train child #6. He just turned 3 last week. He knows what the potty is, and how to use it, and he knows when he has to go, but HE has decided that he does NOT want to potty train, no matter what! In fact, when we talk to him about it, he says “I not go in the potty, I a baby, I go in my diaper!”. Yes, he is very much the baby but he is very intelligent and apparently has associated the potty with big boy which means end of baby perks. This is NOT true of course so how do I convince him otherwise? This has never happened to me. A couple of the others gave me trouble but more out of “laziness” than an actual mindset. HELP!

    • Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

      Oh, I don’t miss the days of potty training! My question is, could Jen Singer be any cuter? Seriously! Actually, my only tip is not to push too hard or your child may push back and nothing will get done.

    • Cassie

      We have been diaper free for about two months now. My only issue is that my DD (she is 3) still is scared to poop. She will go, but sometimes it is a fight. How can I get her to understand that it doesn’t hurt to poop on the potty? Once she goes she will say things like “your right mommy that didn’t hurt” but never remembers that it doesn’t hurt.

    • Xenia @ Thanks, Mail Carrier

      We’re past potty training so I can’t think of any questions for now, but I’m looking forward to checking back and seeing the answers because the questions that have been asked are really good!

    • Lolo

      My little guy does great during the day, but we still use Pull-Ups at night. What is your advice for nighttime potty training?!

    • freya

      My 2 1/2 year old started toilet traing about 5 moths agoand was doing really well, every time I sat her on the toilet she weed and for a few weeks was actually started going by herself-the a few weeks ago she suddenly started flatly refusing to use the toilet at all- if I ask her to she says ‘no’- if i sit her on the toilet she goes rigid and fights it- Ive tried all kinds of incentives and rewards but nothing is working-please help????