I’m the Featured MomComm Blog Critique Today!

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I am so incredibly excited to tell you that my site is this week’s blog critique at MomComm.com.  Melissa Culbertson features a blog critique each week and last October, I was lucky enough to snag one of the coveted spots!

I’m very excited about the feedback I received from Melissa.  She really knows her stuff and I loved having a fresh set of eyes check things out too!   Over the next few weeks, I’ll be implementing some of the ideas suggested in the critique.

Be sure and stop by MomComm.com and read Melissa’s post on Comment Vomit: How Not to Leave Comments.    It’s truly one of my all-time favorite posts about blogging.

I’d love your feedback too –  anything you’d like to see added?  Taken away?  Now’s your chance….tell me what you think of Carrie with Children!
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  • Cam

    I so enjoyed reading her comments on your blog and of course thought about how I could incorporate them into mine!