Down Syndrome Awareness – I’m Using My Voice!

by Carrie with Children with 17 comments

It is an exciting day around here…and not just for me, but for those of us hoping to raise awareness for individuals with Down syndrome.

Today, I am a guest columnist in the Florida Times-Union telling Molly’s story and my journey as a special needs mom. And while I’m honored to have my work printed in the paper, I’m ecstatic about the awareness and knowledge it shares with others that might not be familiar with Down syndrome or the life of a special needs mom.

I think Down syndrome is something not many people know much about, unless they have a personal connection.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to use my “voice”.

Today’s post in the newspaper was a guest columnist opportunity.  I’m hoping that I’ll have the opportunity to share more of our journey with readers.

And who knows… maybe this is just the beginning of a powerful movement of spreading awareness throughout Northeast Florida and beyond!  I want everyone to know that Down syndrome isn’t scary…it’s just a part of what makes our community a better place!


  • LeeAnn

    What an exciting opportunity for you!!! Your article was great!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks LeeAnn! I’m honored for the opportunity!

  • Cassie

    So very cool Carrie. I am so glad you use your voice to help others!

  • Hanan

    You wrote a great article over there!

  • Lolo

    I am so overjoyed for you and Molly!!

  • Alissa

    Congratulations! Your article was great — and what a sweet photo of the two of you!

  • Jules from A Little Bite of Life

    Congratulations Carrie, your article is awesome-it shows what a wonderful mother and beautiful person you are, with a huge heart filled with so much love!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much, Jules! I really appreciate your comment, we are so proud of our little Molly! 🙂 I just learned that I’ll now have a column every six months in the paper! YAY!

  • Mommy Head

    Such a great article!

    FYI, I was showing hubby little Molly’s picture yesterday and he didn’t believe me when I said she had Down syndrome. I asked him why he thought I would lie…he said she was too cute and maybe we should get her and Ryan to meet someday 😉

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much! I’m really proud of the article (and Molly, of course!)

      We should totally have a mini-date for Ryan and Molly one day! 🙂

  • April Decheine

    Great article and Molly is adorable, what a great opportunity to share your experiences!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you so much, April! I really appreciate you reading our story! I’m excited to have the opportunity to share our story and spread awareness too!

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