Have You Gone from the Couch to 5K? #CouchTo5K

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About once a year, I decide I want to start running….and then a few weeks into it, I’m totally over it. I’d definitely classify myself as a novice runner. I’ve never run a race and for that matter…I couldn’t even tell you the last time I ran a full mile.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and really want to start exercising more often.

I recently ran across a Pinterest pin with a Couch to 5K printable and I was instantly motivated to give it a try!  This nine-week schedule is a three times a week and 30minutes plan – almost hard to say no!  So this past weekend, my husband and I agreed to give it a try!



The first workout requires a brisk five minute warmup and then alternating 60seconds of running and 90seconds of walking for a total of twenty minutes!  It wasn’t too bad of a workout. I won’t lie…it was hard, but I did it and I’m already looking forward to my second workout this afternoon.   By the end of the nine-weeks, the workout is 30 minutes of jogging.

Couch to 5K Running Apps

I was worried about how to track my time and the intervals of switching between running and walking. I found a ton of great apps on my iPhone that help with tracking.  The one I’m currently using is called Couch to 5k workout app.  It incorporates your own iTunes playlists and simply beeps at you when it’s time to switch to running/walking.  The timer is visible, so it’s easy to know where you’re at in the workout. I’m not completely in love with this app, would love some suggestions of others!

My husband has an Android based phone and uses an app called Run Double.  It actually tracks his progress with his pace, distance and allows for GPS tracking, along with syncing to his music!  (I’m jealous that it’s not available for my iPhone.)


I’ve already found a few local 5K races that are near the end of our nine-week training session.  I’m hoping that by signing up for one, that will serve as motivation to continue our new exercise adventure.  I’d love to be able to complete a 5K without walking.  One of the biggies on my bucket list is to run a marathon.  I’ve always dreamed about running the Disney marathon!  (How’s that for a big goal?!)

Wanna Join Me? 

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in doing too?  I’d love to create a virtual support group of  others that are interested in this journey too! It never hurts to have others encouraging you – even from afar!   Let me know if you’re up for it!


Are you a runner?  What advice/motivation do you have for us to continue down the road of Couch to 5K?  I’m hoping that this time around, I’ll really stick with this journey.

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  • becky

    I didn’t quite do a couch to 5K training, I just sort of made it up as I went. I used a few training schedules and made them fit my life/timeline/etc.

    I HIGHLY recommend going ahead and signing up for a race in the future. There’s nothing like not wanting to waste that money by not finishing your goal. And when that race comes and goes, sign up for the next one.

    I use the Nike+ watch (it was a gift from a friend). It’s no GPS, but it works fairly well for what I want. Though, it won’t be good while you’re doing the run/walk method.

  • becky

    Oh, and those cheesy running quotes/inspirational sayings… take some of them to heart. The one I saw today: (may mis-quote, but that’s ok): It doesn’t matter if it was a 14-minute mile or a 7-minute mile– a mile is still a mile.

  • Hanan

    I started this a couple of years ago but never finished because we don’t have a treadmill and the weather here SUCKS in the winter. I would love to try it again though someday.

  • Cassie

    Way to go! I really want to do this. You might be my inspiration!

  • Brian

    I’m on my third attempt, so for me it’s “C25K2C23K2C25K” ^_^

    The key with it is to pace yourself as you get into the longer runs and not to get ahead of yourself. By the same token, if you feel like you’re having an issue finishing a run, just redo it. Don’t move on unless you feel confident that you can finish the next run.

    I’m hoping that by the time my (Australian football) season starts, I’ll have moved on to running longer than 5K, but this is a good start. Good luck with it!

  • Danielle

    I love the C25K program! And there’s even a Bridge 2 10K program after you complete the 5K (if you’re interested in going further). It’s totally doable and I’ve seen non-runners, total couch potatoes, get up and start moving because of this program. Just remember that if it feels hard you will get better and running will seem easier by easing into it. You can do it!

  • Stacey

    This is great! I love interval training and that’s essentially what this program is. You should also look up Jeff Galloway. He’s a famous runner/coach/expert & he advises people to do full marathons with a run/walk interval method….and crazy enough, most people using this method finish just as quickly as they would have flat out running it.

    Good luck & I look forward to reading more about it! Message me & I’ll fill you in on some great places to get a run in & keep it exciting!

  • Sarah P

    Good for you! I did C25K a few years ago and am now doing 10Ks (not crazy enough for marathons yet!).

    This advice was already mentioned up there, but the best thing I can tell you is to not worry, even a little bit, about speed.

    Also, load up your ipod with some pump-you-up songs – whatever makes you want to dance will make you want to run too!

    Good luck!

  • Emily @FamilyNLifeLV

    I started training C25k a few months ago, and for the FIRST time ever my breathing wasn’t an issue. But my shin tendonitis flared AWFUL! I’m hoping to start again, and hopefully have no issues this time. I look forward to seeing your progress, and love that your hubs is doing it with you! Disney Marathon is definitely in your future!!

  • Amy T.

    Oh, dear, I’m so not a runner. It is one of the easiest forms of exercise to do as a mom of little kids though–if you have a good jogging stroller. I prefer to swim, but that is extremely difficult to do if you have little kids. 🙁
    I like the idea of the couch to 5k though, and I do need to do some form of exercise. Perhaps running is in my future.

  • Emily @ My Pajama Days

    Awesome! You are a rock star, lady. I know how hard it is to make that first step and the program you are using I found to be a great way to get started. I completed the couch 2 5k last summer, ran a couple of 5k’s and now I am training for my first 1/2 marathon in June. Interval training is really the best way to go, in my opinion. I’ve used Hal Higdon’s schedules before but I tire too easily. Now I am using a training schedule from a book called Marathon and Half Marathon, The Beginner’s Guide by marnie Caron and i LOVE it. It is super easy to follow and I’ve been able to run my farthest distance so far without pain – 8 miles! The app that I use is Map My Fitness and they also have My My Run, both are free and I think are available for iphone as well as Android. I also like that I can link to friends privately that are training with me. Don’t forget to strength train too though – without a strong core, you will start to have back pain. Good luck!!

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