Five Question Friday – March 16

by Carrie with Children with 6 comments

Hooray for Friday! What are your plans for the weekend?! I’m taking the girls Downtown tomorrow for the World Down Syndrome celebration and hopefully visiting the arts market too!   It should be a fun weekend with beautiful weather too!

Let’s get to the sure and share your answers below!

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Will you run to the store or to pick up a kid looking like a mess?  Um…yes.  It happens all the time.   Practically every day.  I’m sure some will disagree, but to me…it’s just life as a mom.

Do you finish a book if it’s boring or you don’t like it?   I couldn’t tell you the last time I read a book from start to finish.  But, to answer the question… no.  If it’s not good, I stop reading.  (which usually happens more often than not.)

Beach or mountain vacation?   I think it all depends on what time of year.  Mountain vacations are the best during the fall, beach vacations are fun during the summer and spring.  We did one of each last year and both were tons of fun.

What thing/event says “winter will end and spring is right around the corner” to you?  This is a tough question because we hardly even had a winter here in Florida.  It was unusually warm this winter.   Call me crazy…but Valentine’s Day is kind of that trigger that lets me know Spring is on the way.

Would you prefer a couples vacation or a family vacation?  Well, couples vacations are nice… but that’s not realistic.  (at least in my world.)  I love a great family vacation – I love experiencing new things and places as a family.  Sure, it gets hectic but that’s what makes family vacations that much more exciting!


  • Monica

    I agree that it’s life as a mom too. Who has time to get all “fancy” just to go to the store? Not me! And the mountains are beautiful in the fall! Lucky you, getting to go on 2 vacations last year!

    • Carrie with Children

      I definitely don’t have time to get all fancy just to go out for milk! By the time it took me to get dressed up, I could go there and back! 🙂

  • Pam King

    Well now that I’m retired I don’t care what I look like by going to the store or picking Leland up from preschool.
    If the book is boring no I will not finish it.
    I agree the mountains in the fall and the beach in the summer.
    Well we don’t really have seasons its either cold or hot!
    I don’t think we’ve ever done a couples vacation and we’ve been married 30 years other than the honeymoon. I agree its more fun with the family.

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh Pam, you can do whatever you want in the retired life! How awesome is that?! 🙂

  • Saturday Sadie

    Yup, #1 is definitely how my life as a mom is! I had the same struggle with question #4 you did; we don’t have proper seasons in Arizona, either! Wah! =(

    • Carrie with Children

      Living somewhere without seasons is so strange…but it makes going on vacation so much more fun! 🙂