Five Question Friday – June 15

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

It’s Father’s Day weekend…. and I haven’t made any plans on how to celebrate the big day.  I guess I should probably figure that out pretty soon!  What are your plans for the weekend?

Let’s get to the sure and share your answers below!

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Would you grow your hair out to donate it?   Yes!  And honestly, I wonder why I’ve never done it before now!  What a great thing to do for someone else in need.

What song makes you think of summertime?   The song I’ve had in my head the last few days has been “Sunshine and Summertime” by Faith Hill.  I’m not even sure if she ever released it as a single, but it’s a fun summer kinda song.  Never heard it?  Check it out.. it’s fun!

Are you a flip flops or a sandals kinda person?  Neither!   Call me crazy, but I have such a weird thing about feet.  I guess that’s what happens when you are a dancer half your life – I definitely have dancer’s feet.

Favorite summer treat?  Ice cream!  Ice cream is my favorite snack… no matter if it’s winter or summertime.  Ice cream is always my first choice.

Do you do something special for the father of your children on Father’s Day?  We usually spend the day together and the one tradition we’ve started is that each Father’s Day, I take a picture of Daddy and his girls.  It’s nothing major, but we’ve enjoyed looking back each year at the pictures!