Five Question Friday – July 20

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Happy Friday! I’m super excited because tomorrow I’m finally getting a haircut and highlights done! I’m LONG overdue for a new ‘do!  We also have old friends moving to town this weekend – I’m excited for them!  What are your plans for the weekend?

Let’s get to the sure and share your answers below!

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What do you call them – flip-flops, sandals, thongs or slippers?  Definitely flip-flops.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call them something different.  Maybe it’s just a Florida thing!

Are you a “my kids can do no wrong” kind of Mom or a “Johnny punched you? Well what did you do to him first?!” kind of Mom?   My girls are great instigators, so I would definitely ask what they did first in a bad situation.  Of course, I don’t think my kids do wrong, but wouldn’t put it past them to be “active”.

Would you confront a good friend that looked/looks down on your husband/significant other?  Doesn’t seem like it would be worth the effort to me.  I would hope that a good friend would respect me.  Good friends should be happy for one another, not judgmental.

Biggest pet peeve?  Oh boy, where should I begin?!  Negativity.  Disrespect. People that don’t use Twitter correctly (aka they only push out info and don’t interact). Husbands that leave their dirty clothes laying in the bathroom.

What’s your favorite take-out meal?  We don’t get it very often, but I love getting to-go food from Carrabba’s.  Usually, to-go food doesn’t taste as good as the restaurant once you get it home.  Carrabba’s is my exception…. it tastes exactly like you are in the restaurant!  I love their Sirloin Marsala.  So delicious!