Snack Idea: Peanut Butter Apple Bites

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

Maggie loves apples….and I love peanut butter.  So, this past weekend I got creative with an afternoon snack we could both enjoy and combined the two!

After dipping the apple wedges in peanut butter, I decided to add some color to them by sprinkling some Fruity Pebbles on top!  The bright colors really makes them pop!

Peanut Butter Apple Bites Recipe

As we were enjoying these for our afternoon snack, I began thinking of other “toppings” for the peanut butter apple wedges.

You could easily change the overall look and taste of the snack by using Cheerios, chocolate chips or maybe even crushed granola!

I’m excited to try other combinations – especially the chocolate chips – peanut butter and chocolate is another one of my favorite food combinations!

What toppings would you like to  try with these peanut butter apple bites? 

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  • Michelle @Special Mom Space

    I love peanut butter on apples. I wouldn’t put the fruity pebbles on top though….that sugar isn’t the best.

    how about drizzling a little honey on top? I’ve had it that way (tip from Weight Watchers) and it tastes delicious. Either that or a little Polaner All Fruit

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh, Michelle- Honey would also be a great idea! Yum! Thanks for reading! 🙂