Back to School and Special Needs #DownSyndrome

by Carrie with Children with 8 comments

This school year marks a very significant time for our family.  It’s one of great excitement, pride and a little bit of fear.  The day after Labor Day begins a new chapter for us.

Molly is going to preschool – a school for typically developing children.  In other words, she’ll be the only one in the classroom with an extra chromosome… also known as Down syndrome. We’ve got her enrolled to go two days a week – so we’ll see how it goes!

Her first day of school will be the day after Labor Day… so we’ve got a few more weeks to prepare, the thought of her being away from home for a few hours two days a week is overwhelming!


I’m so excited that Molly will be in the classroom that Maggie was in last year – with Miss Mary. It’s thrilling to see that the school is so accepting and understanding of our desire for Molly to be included in every day situations.  Inclusion is so important for children with special needs.

Last school year, we let Molly spent a few mornings at “big kid school” to see how she handled it … she had no issues at all.  She interacted with the other kids and had a lot of fun. I’m excited for her to experience school just like other kids her age.


I’m so incredibly proud of her.  She’s a determined, loving and wild little girl.  It’s such a great accomplishment that she’s going to a “typical” school.  I really think she’s going to adapt well with her classmates.


Molly’s speech is significantly delayed, so I am a little worried about her ability to communicate. She does some sign language and her teacher’s assistant is well-learned in it – so I’m hoping that will help.

And even though her speech is delayed, she has no problem understanding others when the talk to her.  She follows directions (well, as much as any two-year old), but I’m still nervous.

I hope this is just the beginning for Molly and her journey into a typical school setting.  One day at a time for our little one.  I’ll keep you posted on this new adventure.

Do you have a child with special needs?  What joys/fears do you have from the Back to School season? 


  • Nichol

    My sister went to typical school all her life. Although she was in a special needs class later on in life because she wasn’t getting the hang of a few things, she did very well. That being said my son has a down syndrome girl in his grade that I had the great pleasure of working with when I was an aide. She will do just fine!

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh Nichol, I love hearing that your sister went to a typical school. That is wonderful! She’s a great inspiration!

  • Cassie

    I love schools that are inclusive! Caelyn has a little boy in her class (they are 3/4 year old) with a major physical disability and she thinks nothing of it. I know our school offers other inclusive classes as well with I love. I only had one fear this year, that I would miss Chloe because she is in first grade and gone all day but I have adjusted nicely. =) I am sure Molly will do great and I hope you can enjoy getting some time to yourself.

    • Carrie with Children

      I love the girls’ school – they are so open to including Molly in everything they do. I’m excited for her to experience school with kids her age! I’m so glad you are enjoying your quiet time, I’m looking forward to it too 🙂

  • Hanna

    This is SUCH a great decision, Carrie! I have a cousin who is a little over a year older than me with Down syndrome. Our parents sent us to preschool together for a year – the only year we were in school together. I’m so thankful they did! We were able to build a bond that was really special. Major props to you!

  • Hanan

    I think she will do fabulous!!

  • LeeAnn

    I’m sure that every parent has fear about sending their child to daycare or school for the first time, whether it is at two months of age like my kids, or their first day of kindergarten. Molly is going to be just fine. In fact, I’m sure she will do great! I think it is awesome that she is going to be going to a typical school. At this age, the socialization is just as important as learning the ABCs, and I bet Molly has a bunch of new friends by the end of her first hour there. How exciting!

  • sheena

    Best wishes for Molly to have a fabulous time at son-age 6 is going into grade 1 this year..he loves school..he has down syndrome as feel to write me anytime!