What I Saw This Weekend… Football!

by Carrie with Children with 1 comment

I’ve been counting down the days until football season… and this past Friday night it was finally game time for my NFL Jacksonville Jaguars!  Granted it was only preseason, but I was excited to be there!

Jacksonville Jaguars football

My Jaguars played a great game against the New York Giants.  We’ve been season ticket holders for years – in fact, my husband actually had them before we event met…  and eventually I ended up with my own seat!

Here’s a panoramic picture I took from my seat – what a view!

Jacksonville Jaguars Panoramic

I’m excited for the rest of football season to get into full swing.  I’m hoping this is the year I cheer my Jaguars all the way to the Super Bowl!

Are you a football fan?  Who is your favorite team?  

What did you see this weekend? 


  • ashleigh walls

    I LOVE the Dolphins, but my boyfriend would be so jealous to see these pictures, he loves the Jaguars 🙂