Sneak Peek: Inside Disney’s New Fantasyland #newfantasyland #disney

by Carrie with Children with 27 comments

The grand opening of the New Fantasyland in Walt Disney World is causing a ton of excitement for Disney nuts like myself.  With limited previews beginning on November 19th and the official grand opening on December 6th, I’ve been (im)patiently waiting as the Disney Parks Blog shares new information about this area each week.

Disney New Fantasyland Wall

A few weeks ago, with a little bit of luck and some fantastic timing, the girls and I had an amazing opportunity to “go behind the wall” to participate in a testing/demo of The Enchanted Tales with Belle experience – opening in a few months as part of the Beauty & the Beast section of New Fantasyland.

Behind the Wall

As a cast member kindly explained to me – it was technically a “work in progress”.  So, with tears in my eyes and a pounding heart, I walked “behind the wall”. It was surreal – the pictures I had been gushing over for months were a reality and right in front of me.  (Yes, I cried.)

Disney's New Fantasyland Maurice's Cottage

The main focus was Maurice’s cottage, but I could see small portions of the Little Mermaid area and the entrance for the Be Our Guest restaurant.  I was also excited to see workers laying the track for the new Snow White Mine Train ride scheduled to open in 2014.

New Fantasyland Preview Little Mermaid Be Our Guest

As we made our way toward Belle’s father’s house, I couldn’t help but notice the great attention to detail.  From the wishing well, to the horseshoes and corn cobs imprinted in the walkway to the cottage. Maurice, ever the inventor and master of re-using, items were seen throughout the cottage area.

Disney World's New Fantasyland Maurice Cottage Details Inside Maurice’s Cottage

With Beast’s castle off in the distance, we made our way into the cottage and found ourselves surrounded by mementos of Belle’s childhood and a stunning portrait of her as a child with her mother.  (I cried here too.)

New Fantasyland Preview Belle Portrait

Exploring the cottage, we saw books and even Maurice’s blueprints.  Maggie was in awe to be “inside” Belle’s house… and honestly, I was too! My favorite piece in the house were the marks on the wall measuring Belle’s height throughout the years.

Disney New Fantasyland Inside Maurice Cottage

After a short time, the cast member lead us into Maurice’s shop where we learned about a magical mirror given to Maurice from the Beast allowing him to check in on his daughter at the castle. And that’s where the real magic began!

View of Cinderella's Castle from Disney New Fantasyland

View of Cinderella’s Castle from Disney World’s New Fantasyland

For more pictures of my experience, check out my Disney World New Fantasyland Photo Album on the Carrie with Children Facebook page.

Check back tomorrow as a I share the story of how we met Madame Dresser and the real star of the show – Belle!


  • Melissa

    So exciting! Your pictures are fantastic and I can’t wait to see this in person!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thank you! The pictures don’t do it justice – it is a breathtaking place!

  • Cassie

    OMG, how exciting that you go to preview this! I wonder if we will be as lucky when we are there in 3 days.

    • Carrie with Children

      I’m not sure if they are still doing testing/previews – keep your eyes open! Hope you all have a great trip!

  • Amy @ Oh So Savvy Mom

    Do you think they’d let me live there? This looks amazing! I’ve never been to Disney world. I grew up in so cal so I’m a Disneyland girl. Now that I live midway between both I may just have to take the hubby and kids!

    • Carrie with Children

      I wish they’d let me live there too! It was so magical! You should definitely make a trip to Disney World!

  • Samantha @ A Little Simplicity

    Oh wow! I cant wait to see this in real life! Thanks for the teaser. haha

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks for reading, Samantha! It is truly a magical place. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

  • Amy

    How exciting. I wish we lived closer to a Disney park. My daughter is only 2, but I would love to take her one day while she is still little. Great post.

    • Carrie with Children

      Seeing Disney World through the eyes of my girls has been so fun! I hope you can visit soon with your little girl!

  • Sarah

    That is so great that you got this opportunity (I would have cried too!). The pictures are awesome, can’t wait to hear and see more!!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks Sarah! We had incredible timing, so thankful we had the opportunity! I’m not even ashamed that I cried! 🙂

  • Mchelle

    This makes me want to be a little girl all over again! awesome!

    • Carrie with Children

      It was so neat to see it all up close! A very magical experience! I’m ready to go back again!

  • Amy

    I love it, cant’ wait to see what happens next! 🙂

    • Carrie with Children

      Oh Amy, it was so wonderful! I cried even more on the second half of the experience! 🙂 Will share more tomorrow!

  • Jenn @therebelchick

    This really looks amazing! I really need to get out to Disneyland!

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks for reading, Jenn! It was such a fantastic experience!

  • Kristina Vanni

    How fun! I was recently in Orlando during construction but am excited to see how it all turns out!

  • Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

    This is so neat that you got a sneak peek behind the wall! It looks like a fantastic land with the true Disney attention to detail that you find in all the other lands. My daughter will be so excited when it’s open!

  • Kerri

    We just went on Monday. We surprised the girls while visiting family in Naples and went to the Magic Kingdom for the day. Looks like it is going to be an awesome experience.

    • Carrie with Children

      How fun, Kerri! That is a fantastic surprise! Sounds like we only missed seeing each other by a few days! Glad you had fun!

  • Monica

    This looks fantastic!!! I’m so glad to have a sneak peak as we are taking our kids for the first time in few months. Fellow MSM blogger…Monica

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks for reading, Monica! I hope you have a great time on your trip – Fantasyland is such a magical place!

  • Alicia

    So exciting!! What/where/when did you get in for a sneek peek? I so hope we can get in too!!!