Fall Weather and Changing of the Leaves

by Carrie with Children with 5 comments

This time of year, I always miss my time living in the mountains.  Don’t get me wrong – I love Florida, in fact… I’m a native Floridian. I spent my college years in the mountains of western North Carolina, near Asheville, and I miss the beginning of cooler weather and seeing all of the leaves change colors.

Mars Hill Tree Fall Colors

There’s just something magical about seeing the leaves change colors.  I’ve always been amazed at the brightness of the leaves. The new colors and the crisp, cool air … you just know snow and Christmas time are coming soon.

I’ll admit, when I was in college and  the leaves started changing colors – I always took a “mental health” day. A day to sit outside and soak up the sunshine.  A day to enjoy my surroundings and admire all the beautiful colors. One semester, I even gathered up colorful leaves and mailed them home to my parents so they could see it in person.

Mars Hill College Leaves Changing Colors

And although we didn’t make a trip to the mountains this year, I’m hoping that in the years to come we can make it an annual tradition to see the leaves change colors.

Do the leaves change where you live?  Where’s your favorite Fall destination?


  • Bonnie Upright

    Agreed! I’m seeing all the FB pics from my friends and former professors at UNC-Asheville and missing my mountains greatly. Most beautiful place on earth when the leaves turn. Thanks for sharing!

    • Carrie with Children

      I agree – most beautiful place on Earth. Makes me want to take a quick weekend trip!

  • Pam King

    I’ll take plenty of pics. This will be a quick trip no time to head up to the college. I’m glad she got asked to fill in for another team so we could go to the mountains this weekend.

    • Carrie with Children

      Pam – I hope you all have a great trip this weekend! I can’t wait to see all your pictures. Good luck at the competition too!

  • Melissa

    Those are beautiful pictures! I wish you could be here right now!