Feel Like a Kid Again with Chef Boyardee and The Motherhood #LittleChefs

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Last night, Maggie helped me cook dinner!  I even convinced her to put on her chef coat.  She was very excited to get a little messy and help out – constantly checking our recipe to “read” the next step.

She was so proud of herself and couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home to tell him that she helped Mommy in the kitchen!  We made Chef Boyardee Ravioli Lasagna – Maggie was in charge of stirring and pouring… and she did a great job!

Chef Boyardee Ravioli Lasagna

Dinner was a big success!  Everyone loved the cheesiness and no one even complained about the spinach – Yay!

Myself and a group of bloggers have  joined forces with the folks at The Motherhood for The Little Chefs Project – talking all about how to feel like a kid again in the kitchen.  There’s a fun, virtual Cook-Along taking place tomorrow afternoon and I’d love for you to join us!  Here’s the scoop –

What: A virtual Cook-Along called Feel Like a Kid Again, part of The Little Chefs Project series on The Motherhood.

The Little Chefs Project series consists of six Cook-Alongs, taking place every Thursday at 2 p.m. ET between October 11 and November 15, and each Cook-Along covers a different topic around cooking with kids. Join us and chat about how to Feel Like a Kid Again in the kitchen and how your own kids bring back those memories for you.

When: Thursday, October 11, at 2 p.m. ET.  It will last 30 minutes.

Where: The Motherhood – here is the link to the page where the class will be held: http://www.themotherhood.com/talk/show/id/The-Little-Chefs-Project:-Feel-Like-A-Kid-Again

About the class:
Remember what it was like to cook with your mom or dad? Bring back those memories by getting in the kitchen to whip up your own childhood favorites with your kids – or have kid vs. adult cook-offs, sing songs, get silly, make a mess and more. Join us for great stories, delicious recipes for cooking with Chef Boyardee that the whole family will enjoy and tips for feeling like a kid again in the kitchen!

To participate, just click the link above, log into The Motherhood using your member ID (if you don’t have one, it’s easy and free to sign up), and chat away in the text-based comments. We’ll also have a video feed running during the half-hour Cook-Along, so you’re welcome to show up simply to watch if you’d like!

The Cook-Along is sponsored by Chef Boyardee, and it is hosted by The Motherhood. Visit Chef Boyardee online at http://www.chefboyardee.com and be sure and visit the Chef Boyardee Facebook page too!

I’ll be there with several other bloggers to co-host the class, and I hope you’ll join us!  The fabulous people who will be co-hosting with me are:

Annie, Stowed Stuff http://www.stowedstuff.com
Connie, MiscFinds4u http://www.miscfinds4u.com
Heather, Our Kids Mom http://www.ourkidsmom.com
Janel, A Mom’s Take http://www.amomstake.com
Leigh, Hines-Sight Blog http://www.hinessightblog.com
Pam, It’s Time for More Coffee http://dakotapam.com
Tiffany, Stuff Parents Need http://stuffparentsneed.com

Let me know if you’ll be joining the Little Chefs chat!  See you there!

** I am participating in the Chef Boyardee Little Chefs program in conjunction with The Motherhood and I’ve been compensated for my time.  Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own.  **