Beauty & the Beast – Attention to Details in New Fantasyland #newfantasyland

by Carrie with Children with 5 comments

The time is almost here..  one week from today the magic begins at Walt Disney World’s New Fantasyland!  Can you hear me squealing with excitement?!

The area has been in previews the past few weeks and I was fortunate to get a sneak peek at this fantastic new area!  (Check out my thoughts on The Little Mermaid Area and Enchanted Tales with Belle and the Be Our Guest Restaurant.)

Maurice's Cottage New Fantasyland Disney World

Beauty & the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and the New Fantasyland area does not disappoint! The attention to details is unique, breathtaking and carries on the Disney magic. I’m not ashamed to tell you I cried seeing it!

Check out some of my favorite Beauty & the Beast things in New Fantasyland –

Disney New Fantasyland Inside Maurice's Cottage

See that little shelf in Maurice’s cottage?  I didn’t even think about it until I got home, but that’s totally Mrs. Potts and Chip on the shelf!  There are so many great things “hidden” throughout the area, you could find something new each time!

And this book on the desk in Maurice’s cottage?  It’s open to the same page as “Belle’s favorite part” that she mentions in the song at the beginning of the movie while sitting at the fountain with the sheep.

Disney New Fantasyland Belle's Favorite Book

Gaston’s Tavern is filled with fantastic food and, of course, fantastic details too!  A castmember even pointed out to me the keys to the tavern hanging from one of the antlers high on the wall.  (So mad at myself for not getting a picture!)

I love this dartboard found in one of the dining rooms at Gaston’s Tavern.  Check out the score between Lefou and Gaston – so funny!

Disney New Fantasyland Dartboard Gaston

And finally, the fountain Gaston gave to the townsfolk is really special.  Check out the inscription on the fountain –  “Tribute to Gaston: An Extravagantly Generous Gift to the Humble People of My Village. From Me, Gaston.”

These are just some of my favorite things about New Fantasyland and the Beauty & the Beast area.  The Be Our Guest restaurant is filled with details – so much so, that it gets it’s own post… soon!

Next week, I’ll show you some of my favorite merchandise for sale in New Fantasyland!   Perfect Christmas gifts… I hope Santa will be paying attention to my wishlist!

What are you most excited to see in New Fantasyland?  Will you be there next week for the Grand Opening?


  • eschelle

    omg I want to go here SOOOOO BAD!!!!

    • Carrie with Children

      It is truly amazing! I hope you have the chance to visit sometime! Thanks for reading

  • Pary Moppins

    I didn’t even realize that Disney World was making a new Fantasyland. This looks awesome! We are a household full of Disney fans. Found you through Bloggy Moms.

    • Carrie with Children

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have the opportunity to experience New Fantasyland – it is amazing!