Christmas Decorations – When Is It Too Early?

by Carrie with Children with 3 comments

Even though it was a few weeks ago, it feels like we just wrapped up Halloween last week. In fact, I still have two little pumpkins in my kitchen window…. decorated with glitter and finger paint.

Isn’t it crazy to see the store shelves full of Halloween costumes on one side…. and then Christmas decorations on the other side?  Honestly, it kind of annoys me.  Let’s finish Halloween before we start Christmas.  And I’m sure most would say let’s finish Thanksgiving first too.

We have a rule in our house that we must finish Thanksgiving festivities before we start decorating for Christmas.  We usually get the tree out from the attic the first weekend in December. (don’t judge.. I’m a fake tree kinda gal)

Christmas Tree Decorations

I keep seeing pictures on my personal Facebook page of people already putting their tree up.  I can’t imagine having Thanksgiving with my Christmas tree in the same room!

It makes me wonder why we are all rushing the holidays?  Is it the buying of gifts and the non-stop commercials for Black Friday that make us want to celebrate sooner? Or is it that we really just love seeing a pretty tree decorated for the holidays?    This doesn’t mean I don’t love seeing Christmas decorations early (especially at Disney World), but in my house… it’s gotta be at least December before we start the festivities!

So…  when do you start decorating for the holidays?


  • Melissa

    I agree with decorating after Thanksgiving and I usually start on that Friday! There have been a few times that we have taken our tree out earlier and Heath has even put lights outside in EARLY November only because it was his last weekend off before the craziness starts. People on our street would make fun of him but he always said he didn’t want to do it when he got home from work!

  • Shara

    I hear you. I love Thanksgiving and the wonderful decorations, leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, etc. I don’t want to skip over that!

    For those of us who promote businesses that sell Online, we sort of have to promote early – due to shipping issues. Otherwise, I’d wait to promote anything Christmas related 🙂

    I love everything about the holidays, though, and Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine!

  • Karen Medlin

    Like NOW!! I am in the mood to dig all decorations out of the garage and get started.. normally I start right after thanksgiving.