Five Question Friday – November 16

by Carrie with Children with 1 comment

I am SO excited about this weekend!  My hubby and I are taking a quick trip to Disney World (no kids)!  I was fortunate to get on the RSVP list for the Disney Parks Blog meetup for dinner at the new Be Our Guest restaurant at the New Fantasyland!  I am ecstatic and promise to share the scoop with you next week!  What are your plans for the weekend?

Let’s get to the sure and share your answers below!

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What snack/drink do you eat at the movies?  I love, love, LOVE a big Coca-Cola and a huge bucket of popcorn with lots of butter.  Yum!  It’s my weakness when I go to the movies.  There’s just something about movie butter popcorn.  Delicious!

What’s one food you refuse to ever try?   I’m still creeped out by last year’s Top Chef episode for Halloween where the chefs had to cook with actual animal organs – heart, brains, etc.  It totally grossed me out.  No way I would ever try to eat that stuff.  So gross!

What’s your favorite nail polish color?  I couldn’t tell you the last time I had my nails done.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t know my favorite color!   My go-to color is OPI “I’m Not Really a Waitress”.   It’s a bright dark red and I love it!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?   I love eating Thanksgiving early in the day, around lunchtime and then being lazy the rest of the day watching football.  That’s a great tradition right?!

What are your least favorite words in the English language?   Growing up, my Dad would never let us use the word “hate”.  We could “strongly dislike” something, but never “hate”.    I try my best to still live by those rules.


  • Pam King

    No plans for weekend, have fun at Disney World.
    I agree fully, cannot enjoy a movie without a large drink and popcorn, and I always add extra movie butter:)!
    There is a lot of food I refuse to try, too many to list.
    Carrie, I now do nails and since your birthday is next week I will give you a pedicure in your home at your convenience. I do not have the color I’m Not Really A Waitress but I do have the Minnie Mouse collection of OPI and it has a red.
    I love just getting together at Thanksgiving, we usually eat around lunch and then watch football also and graze the rest of the day.
    I would have to say my least favorite word is the F word, I try never to use it .