Fun Stuff: Peter Pan’s Never Grow Up Activity Kit

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

In anticipation of this weeks, February 5th release of Peter Pan Diamond Editionon Blu-ray Combo Pack, check out this great activity kit featuring Peter Pan’s Never Grow Up Games.
This fun pack includes Pirate Puzzles, Connect the Dots Darling Star Gazer and Never Land Fun & Games complement Magical Bookmarks featuring your favorite characters!

Download Peter Pan Never Grow Up Games
My Maggie loves the Tick Tock Crock – she’s always running around the house making crocodile hand motions and pretending she’s a pirate. Here’s a great clip of the Tick Tock Crock in action with that sneaky Captain Hook.

Enjoy these great activities and be sure to pick up a copy of Peter Pan Diamond Edition on Blu-ray Combo Pack February 5th!
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