Giveaway: Step2 Easy Turn Coupe! #easyturncoupe

by Carrie with Children with 103 comments

We have been very fortunate the last few weeks to have spring-like temperatures so we can play outside.   As one of twenty-five Step2 Test Drive Bloggers, we recently received a brand new product – perfect for my girls…  the new Step2 Easy Turn Coupe!

The girls have been taking turns all week with this great little car – and just like its name, it really is easy to turn!  The middle wheel in the front makes it easy to turn and I love the “sunroof” on top of the coupe with a great handle allowing me to steer too!

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

In the coming weeks, I’ll have the whole scoop on this fantastic, little car.  And if we’re lucky, I’ll even make a video of my girls cruising the neighborhood in their own Step2 Easy Turn Coupe!

For now, join me in helping out a great organization, close to the hearts at Step2 –  Saving Tiny Hearts Society.  Just go to the I ❤ Easy Turn Coupe Facebook tab and leave a comment telling why you love it.  (For every comment made $1 will be donated to Saving Tiny Hearts Society.)  What a simple and fun way to make a difference in a child’s life!

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe Caption Me Giveaway

Do you think your little one would love the new Step2 Easy Turn Coupe?  Let’s play “Caption This” with the photo above…and you can have a chance to win your own coupe!

 Win a Step2 Easy Turn Coupe!

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This giveaway ends Sunday, March 31 at midnight EST.  Open to US residents only.  Good luck!

**As a member of the Step2 Test Drive Blogger program, I received an Easy Turn Coupe.  Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own.  **


  • hali

    finally made it to my destination… 🙂

  • Chelsea

    Let’s get this show on the road!

  • Jamie Brigham

    Now that I am the driver the music choice belongs to me.

  • Mary Dailey

    I know I look cool in my new ride!

  • Anne Perry

    macy’s…. here I come!!

  • D Schmidt

    My caption would be ‘ What is with all this traffic?’

  • Sarah

    I’m ready to roll!

  • Janet W.

    “I think I can, I think I can!”

  • Denise Taylor-Dennis

    Look at me I’m driving a car.

  • amy pugmire

    watch out boys! coming through!

  • Sonya Morris

    C’mon everyone, I’m ready!

  • Sarah

    oh the traffic!! Looks like i will be sitting here for awhile..

  • Rochel S.

    Watch out everyone! Here I come!

  • Heather Hayes Panjon

    Outta My Way I Got Places To Go And People To See

  • courtney b

    let’s rock n roll!

  • Stacey Roberson

    On the road, again!

  • amy pugmire

    I don’t see my comment? Move over boys! coming through!

  • Allie

    Out of my way

  • Stacey R

    Almost ready…!!

  • kelly willis

    cutie coupe

  • Ashley S

    Crusin’ baby!

  • Shannon

    Hmmm…now if mom wasn’t looking I could make a break for the ice cream shop

  • Jacob

    2 Fast, 2 Furious, 2 Years Old

  • Katrina

    I’m totally digging my coupe….should I stop for a cupcake?

  • Katie Sexton

    hmmm, where to next???

  • Julia

    beep beep. i could see my nephew learning some first words riding this

  • Jillian S

    I hope they didn’t see me run that light

  • Breenah

    Mom, you filled up the tank, right?

  • Janet W.

    “This car is so COOL!”

  • Melissa O.

    Loving my new car. No gas needed, well in the coupe at least.

  • Claiborne

    Did I just run over that lawn mower?

  • Robyn Galloway

    This traffic is awful!

  • Janet W.

    Now how do I climb out of this thing again?

  • Janet W.

    Let’s move it!

  • Janet W.

    I’m Going Green!

  • Talia

    Think I can take this thing through the drive-thru?

  • Summer Jo Brooks

    beep beep

  • Janet W.

    It’s a new day, It’s a new ride, What a fun life!

  • Jen

    Beep Beep! Watch out, this girl is on the go!

  • Janet W.

    I love my lean, green, driving machine!

  • Laurie

    You better get out of my way!!!

  • Janet W.

    Saving the planet one green vehicle at a time!

  • Janet W.

    Going green is the future!

  • Janet W.

    Move along folks, there’s nothing to see here!

  • Janet W.

    Do you think Cheerios will be my sponsor for NASCAR?

  • Kelli Avery

    Yabba Dabba Dooooooo!!! 🙂

  • Janet W.

    Come on, Let’s get this show on the road!

  • Tabathia B

    Not exactly sure if my Tom Tom took me to the right place

  • renee walters

    I have truly arrived!

  • Deborah Mireles

    gosh I hope I can find a parking spot!

  • Janet W.

    Watch how fast my feet can go!

  • krista grandstaff

    “Next stop.. Toys ‘R Us!” 🙂

  • Janet W.

    I hope I catch all the green lights in my green coupe!

  • Donna Marie

    Don’t worry Mom , I got this!

  • Janet W.

    Let’s take this coupe for a spin!

  • Janet W.

    Ridin’ and smilin’ in my new green coupe!

  • Carla

    Mom, can I have money for gas?

  • Janet W.

    Do I need a driver’s license??

  • Janet W.

    I’ll have the wind blowing in my hair like I just don’t care!

  • Janet W.

    My coupe is fast, watch me go on past!

  • Janet W.

    Driving has never felt so good!

  • Sheila Hickmon

    I’m coming through!

  • Janet W.

    Which way is the park, Mom?

  • crystal allen

    it’s great being green!

  • Janet W.

    I can pedal as fast as Fred Flintstone!

  • Janet W.

    I’m rockin’ and rollin’ in my new coupe!

  • Janet W.

    I love driving my green machine!

  • debbie jackson

    driving little miss debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  • Janet W.

    Pedal to the floor, watch me do some more!

  • Janet W.

    Cruisin’ fast and having a blast!

  • Janet W.

    Faster than a flash! Hope I don’t crash!

  • Janet W.

    Gotta keep up the pace so I can win the race!

  • Jennifer Nixon

    I can’t believe they let ME have a license! Here I come world! 😀

  • Janet W.

    I’m gonna gain lots of speed and take the lead!

  • Janet W.

    Let’s go cruising with the windows down all around the town!

  • Sam Stamp

    You wish you looked this cool!

  • Laura Jacobson

    Look out world here I come!

  • Janet W.

    I’m on the move and in the groove!

  • Janet W.

    Feet down, ready to go around the town!

  • Katie

    FREEDOM =)

  • Janet W.

    I’m traveling far in my green car!

  • Molly Bussler

    Who says driving is only for adults…eat your heart out!

  • Janet W.

    Rollin’… Rollin’… Rollin’ in my green car!

  • Joanne Gregory

    Which way to the toy store?

  • Terra Agueda

    have always enjoyed the quality of Step2 products

  • Janet W.

    My car is green like a clover… I hope I don’t flip over! 🙂

  • Cassandra Eastman

    Look out world, here I come!

  • Janet W.

    I’ll race you to the finish line!

  • Janet W.

    Let’s go cruising down the street, looking for new people to meet!

  • Janet W.

    Driving with speed.. it’s exactly what I need!

  • Suzie Williams

    Did I want to go to the mall or the park next?

  • Janet W.

    Next stop… Toys R Us!

  • Janet W.

    Which way is the Easter Egg Hunt?

  • Jamie Knupp

    woah! Where’s the brakes?!!

  • Janet W.

    Look out… Student/Toddler Driver on board!

  • Janet W.

    Watch out – There’s a toddler on the road!

  • Jennifer Marie

    Woah that hill looks scary!

  • Janet W.

    I’m stylin’, are you buyin’?

  • Janet W.

    Toddler Express coming through!

  • Janet W.

    Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, look out here I come!

  • miriam

    She thinks “This is such an awesome car”