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Michelle Williams plays Glinda in the film Oz The Great and Powerful and she fits the role perfectly. During our interview last week following the world premiere of the film – she was genuine, honest and a true delight!

I loved hearing her thoughts on the film and listening as she talked about finding a balance as a working mother. She was definitely someone I could relate to as a parent.

Michelle Williams Oz The Great and Powerful Glinda

On Her Inspiration For Glinda the Good

I’ve watched that movie passively for years. I thought a lot about transformation.  She’s not somebody who’s had a perfectly easy ride.  She lost her father.  She’s in charge of these sort of refugees, but she doesn’t really know how to protect them.

And so I thought a lot about transformation and how Glinda transforms these dark and dire situations.  I thought about her as somebody who transforms tears into bubbles. She makes the best out of a rotten situation because of a way that she chooses to look at it. That takes a lot of energy and it’s not entirely human.

Glinda the Good in Oz The Great and Powerful

On Motherhood

How does anybody do it?  It’s like an Olympian undertaking. 

What I’m trying to wrap my head around is… to get comfortable with the fact that it’s gonna feel like a scale, and  I’m never gonna arrive at a perfect balance, and it’s always gonna be a give and take.

Something’s always gonna feel like it’s suffering, like it’s underserved.  And that’s really hard on your heart, to feel like you’re not being the best parent that you could be, or you’re not being the best at your job that you could be. I’m really trying to get peaceful with the fact that I’m always going to feel like that and that is the equation for as long as I choose to or have to stay in this position where I work and where I parent.  It’s so hard.

On Time…. And Washing Dishes

This is a big epiphany for me recently.  I am not gonna wash my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher.  I find it so hard to make some time for myself.  I am not gonna spend fifteen minutes pre-washing.  Why would I do that?  I’m looking for time everywhere, in every corner, every day, and here I am, pre-washing my dishes.  Not anymore.  Silverware, going in there.  Knives, going in there. Wood is not going in there but, I try and buy back time where I can and figure out how to buy time. 

A  friend of mine said something to me once, he said recently that really stuck with me.  He said, everybody thinks that you should spend your time making money, but I think you should spend your money making time. 

Michelle Williams Glinda the Good Oz The Great and Powerful

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  • Melissa

    She’s so gorgeous! I loved hearing her talk about motherhood and making time!

    • Carrie with Children

      She is beautiful – I could relate to so many of the things she talked about as being a mom. I just love her!

  • Emily @FamilyNLifeLV

    She is stunning and so well poised. What a great role model she is for women as well!

    • Carrie with Children

      She’s definitely a great role model for women and the perfect person to play Glinda too!

  • BusyWorkingMama

    I love her! Looks like a great movie.

  • Kerri @SavvyMomNYC

    What a great opportunity to interview her! I can’t wait to see the movie.