What I Saw This Weekend – A Quiet Weekend!

by Carrie with Children with 2 comments

Our family has been way overdue for a quiet weekend at home – and this weekend was it!

I’m not even ashamed to tell you that we didn’t do anything spectacular.  Unless you count window shopping for myself a bicycle!

The girls spent a lot of time playing with eachother this weekend.  They usually do, but this weekend was different – they were quiet!

What I Saw This Weekend Quiet House

And thankfully, the weather was really nice so we spent some time playing outside.  The girls are still in love with their Step2 Easy Turn Coupe.  It’s hard to believe that it’s almost March – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we continue to have pretty weather these next few weeks!

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

So, there you have it. Probably the most boring “What I Saw This Weekend” post I’ve ever shared with you.  But, to me… it was also one of the best.  A quiet weekend at home was definitely something we needed. I think we need to start slowing down more often – we had a lot of fun doing nothing!

What did you see this weekend?!


  • Amy Cherie Copeland

    Nothing wrong with a little down time to recharge the batteries. Kudos to you for taking great care of yourself and your family.

  • Willie McLaren

    I had a very slow weekend…I sat on my back porch and read…3 books…and started on number 4. I did see something interesting from my porch. I love to bird watch and there was a “Small Blue Heron” on the lake. It was really pretty. So far this year I’ve seen a Great Blue Heron, several Great White Egrets, lots of Canandian Geese, a flock of Anhingah’s, and a white swan. Well, and various assorted ducks. Can’t wait for all the babies to be born this year.