Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph – In Stores Today! #wreckitralph #disneyozevent

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In stores today, Disney’s newest animated film, Wreck-It Ralph is a fun, action-packed movie that has quickly become an instant classic with my family.  My answer to everything lately has been “I’m Gonna Wreck It”!

As the protagonist in the popular game, Fix-It Felix – Ralph is tired of playing the bad guy and only wants to be loved and known as a hero, just like Felix. When Ralph breaks out of his game, he’s lead on a journey through different lands and right into new adventures with a colorful cast of new friends.

Wreck-It Ralph and QBert My favorite character in the movie is Vanellope Von Schweetz, voiced by Sarah Silverman. The relationship that animators created between Ralph and Vanellope is genuine and fun.

There’s definitely a reason Wreck-It Ralph was nominated for Best Animated Film at the Oscars a few weeks ago – the animation, colors and storyline in this movie are just fantastic.   And just like most Disney movies, this film is definitely meant for adults too.  My husband and I loved all of the great references to older video games – Qbert, Zelda and even a Sonic the Hedgehog appearance.

Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope

Some of the great features included in the Blu-Ray DVD combo pack include The Paperman – a theatrical short that follows a man trying to get a girl’s attention, yet he has only seen her from his office window.

There’s also a great Bit by Bit feature that tells about the behind the scenes making of Wreck-It Ralph – very similar to the experience I had a few weeks ago at the Disney Animation Studios.  So fun!


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