Share Your Vacation with Tripographer Powered by Marriott #tripographer

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Travel is a huge part of my family’s life.  It’s what we love to do and it’s where we’ve shared some of our most cherished memories together. Whether we are on the road to Disney World, the beach or even the mountains – I don’t go anywhere without my camera.

Once we come home from our trips, I love sharing our adventures with friends and family.  I recently discovered a new online experience that makes it easier to share your travels with others via photos!


Tripographer powered by Marriott allows you to edit your pictures, put together a slideshow and give your loved ones a tour of the places you visited – all narrated in your own words.  And the best part – you can instantly share through each of your social media channels.

I especially love that you can edit one photo or create an entire slideshow of pictures – there are a lot of options that allow you to personalize and caption the pictures.  My favorite filter is the Overexposed – it really brightened up this picture I took a few weeks ago of the California sunset.

Screen Grab of Tripographer

Another cool feature of Tripographer is the ability to build a tour!  Use the map to mark the places you visited, add in your own photos, captions and tell the story of your trip.  You can even use the Street View of maps – how’s that for getting specific about your travel destinations?!

If you really want to get fancy – you can even record your own voice narrating the entire trip!   Isn’t that fun?!When it comes to uploading your images, you have access to images on your computer, Facebook, Flickr and even Instagram.  I loved having easy access to all my photo folders.

I invite you to try out Tripographer for yourself, check out I think you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to use and it’s really fun too!

What trip would you document using Tripographer?


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