Five Question Friday – April 12 #5qf

by Carrie with Children with comments closed

Happy Friday everyone! My husband and I are headed out tomorrow for an overnight getaway to the Gaylord Palms in Orlando.  I am SO excited! I’ll have a full recap of our visit for you posted next week.  What are your plans for the weekend?

Let’s get to the sure and share your answers below!

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Where do you hide things from your kids? I usually hide things in my nightstand next to my side of the bed or the closet.  And if I get really desperate – the trunk of my car!

What is your favorite rainy day activity for bored toddlers?  Lately, it’s been snuggling on the couch for movies.  We’ve also gone to the library a few times when it was raining – tons of fun things to do there too!

Are you a punctual person or always running a few minutes late? I feel like pre-children I was a pretty punctual person.  It drives me crazy to be late, even if by a few minutes.  With that said, in a life surrounded by toddlers, I always feel like I’m running late.

When eating out, do you prefer off the beaten path cafes or tried and true national food chains?   I love eating local and helping small businesses. And usually, the best food is at the off the beaten path type places.  So, yes – I definitely love eating at those type of places.  I’m always up for a good tried and true chain restaurant too though.

Does your significant other snore?  Do you snore?  My husband snores like you wouldn’t believe!  Oh my goodness, he is LOUD.  I usually only snore when I’m sick.  Or at least, so I’m told.