Review: Elmo Fruits and Fun Booster Seat

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Every Friday morning, my girls and I visit the library, run through the drive-thru and make our way over to my parent’s house for lunch.  Little Molly always likes to sit at the table like a big girl, but could use a little extra help.

Thanks to Kolcraft, we recently received the new Elmo Fruits and Fun Booster Seat – and it’s been a great chair for us to use at my parent’s house each week.

Elmo Sesame Street Booster Seat Review

I love this chair because it’s portable, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of storage space and it’s very secure.  We typically remove the tray from the seat and just slide Molly up to the table, because that’s what works best for us, but the tray itself is very sturdy and easy to clean. It even has a cute 3D Elmo picture on the tray.

Elmo Booster Seat

One of the features I didn’t even notice until we used the seat a few times was that you can adjust the height of the seat!  It just so happens that the default height was exactly right for the table, so we never had a need for it.  But after looking a little closer at the seat, I noticed there are three different settings for height – this makes the chair useable at almost any table.

This is really a great seat for Molly.  I think she feels comfortable sitting in it and I know she loves having easier access to reaching the table.  The built-in seat belts make me feel good too – I know she’s not going to tip herself out!  (And yes, she’s tried.)

Elmo Booster Seat Collage

For More Information

Visit to purchase your own Elmo Fruits and Fun Booster Seat.  Hop over to to check out more of their Sesame Street themed products.  Be sure and follow the Kolcraft Facebook page and on Twitter at @Kolcraft.

What’s your favorite feature in a booster seat?!


** As a member of the Kolcraft Mom ambassador program, I received this booster seat for the purpose of this review.  Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links.  **