What I Saw This Weekend… Pictures and More Pictures!

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There’s nothing better than a fun weekend with no plans.  We made our usual trip to the arts market on Saturday for a picnic along the riverfront.

That afternoon, Maggie and Dad had errands to run and when they came home Maggie yelled, “Mom, I have a surprise for you that I’m not supposed to tell you about… but it’s a cake.”

What I Saw This Weekend Mother's Day Cake

Our local Publix grocery store had mini-cakes for sale and let kids decorate them right there in the store.  How fun is that?!  Maggie was so proud of her cake!  It was pretty tasty too!

Sunday morning, I woke up to a nice surprise –  a fancy, new Sony NEX-5R camera! So, needless to say, I spent my day playing with the girls and taking lots and lots of pictures.  The perfect way to spend a day.

First Day With New Camera Collage

This upcoming week is going to be pretty hectic, I’ve got a few projects for my VISIT FLORIDA job to finish up and some traveling to do too.  So, a quiet weekend at home was just what I needed.

And who wouldn’t want to spend time with silly girls like these…  Maggie was trying to get Molly to smile for the camera.

Silly Kids

What did you see this weekend? 

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